My thoughts: Defending the American Dream

1) I like Tim Phillips. Just met him. He’d never remember meeting me. He’s sharp, on point, and seems to enjoy his role of setting up the talent.

2) Politicians are talent just like any other entertainment industry. Ron Johnson and later, from what I heard, Paul Ryan, entertain by telling you what you want to hear as much as those other celebrities. Michelle Malkin makes her living the same way even though she’s not elected.

The difference is whether or not they lead. Ryan is leading, but he needs to convert a few of those ideas into action. Johnson is warming a seat that could very likely have been a Dem vote in Harry Reid’s Senate, so yes, that’s absolutely enough for me for now. Leadership will come.

3) Politics is as much an industry as textiles and paper. Boatloads of money was spent today for the pleasure of clapping and head nodding. Do not forget this as we move the Presidential campaign forward.

4) Santorum issued a challenge to Romney for one-on-one debates in Wisconsin. Oh yes, I think I’ll mention this again later in the week. I have video, but it is ugly stuff and not worth posting. I’ll manage a direct quote in the next few days.

I had some time so it really was a fun way to spend the morning. I was also included in my first-ever “press availability” and that was heady stuff. But, I also kept it real. I left about 1:00 p.m. and came home to unpack.

Can’t help but recommend that balance for everyone in the months to come. 😉