So Mitt Romney is not exactly like the rest of us

From Reid Epstein at Politico:

But it may not help Romney — whose wealth has caused him trouble connecting with average folks — to be seen building a split-level, four-vehicle garage that comes with a “car lift” to transport automobiles between floors, according to 2008 schematic plans for the renovation obtained by POLITICO that are on file with the city of San Diego.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    What a sh*t article. More class warfare. My god- the Romney’s want an outside shower –at the beach. This would be akin to every beach front property in Myrtle Beach or for that matter on the Atlantic Ocean. Must be a luxury on the Pacific .
    And what a timely report on the plans-if you call 4 years ago current.

    What’s this criticism that he’s not one of us? Who cares. As long as he makes a good President and can lead who cares how much is (or isn’t) in his bank account. Does anyone really feel like our current Harvard graduated, college professor, law degreed community organizing Solinsky follower is one of “us”?

  2. Since when are architects who are being compensated for working with city planning commissions considered to be the equivelence of K Street lobbyists?
    An architect is who should represent any building review plan to a commission.

    I’m wondering if this is the ‘dirt’ on Mitt, what’s the big deal? We all know he’s rich. So are Bill Gates and Steve Job’s three kids. Do we hate them all, also? Just because one has wealth they can’t be good representatives in public office? Maybe RichMitt can’t be bought.

    And, I just can’t get worked up about a car elevator. They likely had to create something like that for storage access due to restrictions of the existing zoning codes.

    At least he’s paying for his own digs out there. Didn’t the Clintons use Steve Jobs’ ‘extra’ mansion when they visited CA?

    I can’t conjure hate for someone who seems decent but has oodles more money that me. Just not in my character. But evidently, that’s a battle strategy for the next election if this old news is new news now.

  3. J. Strupp says:

    I think the article is completely acceptable. He’s running for President. Romney has an image problem. People can call it class warfare or whatever but this is as much the game as talking about how much it costs you to fill up your gas tank.

    “What’s this criticism that he’s not one of us? Who cares. ”

    Agreed. But someone needs to tell Romney that.

    The problem isn’t Romney’s wealth. We all know he’s uber-rich. It’s that Romney keeps attempting to be “one of the guys” which makes him look even more plastic and robotic. He doesn’t look comfortable in his own skin and Americans see right through it. It would be wise for Romney to simply embrace his uber-wealth lifestyle and downplay it.

    He tries too hard to be something he’s not and it opens the door for the evil media to flash pictures of Romney in his sweatvest and barber shop quartet from his younger years (or whatever). It’s like shooting fish in a barrel for these guys.

  4. I confess I stepped into it here. I really never considered it class warfare – only “holy crap that man’s rich!” And he’s not like me. At all.

    I still struggle with this upcoming vote. I’m glad Romney is successful. I want a successful person as president instead of the man of great mystery we have now. That said, I’m still having trouble with the idea the my American leadership may never, ever look like me.

    And listen, I’m not poor. Not by any stretch, but wow. Just wow. I know there’s a real lack of perspective that comes from being so removed from things like wallpapering your own kitchen.

    It just is, folks. It’s not class warfare. It just is.

  5. I’m female. This is my ‘girl’ take on the guy. I think he is socially awkward despite his wealth and looks. He not only can’t pull off being ‘one of the guys’, he can’t pull off flirting, innuendo, cockiness, or smacktalk. Nor schmoozing, without artifice. He comes off as uber NICE to me. Exactly what I find him that could be considered endearing in comparison to the Chicago-style political environment we currently have. I’m sick to death of the current boys-club-locker-room leadership attitude I’ve seen with our current Too Cool dude in the white house. I hope Romney can’t dance and we all know he’s not a crooner. I like that he isn’t Donald Trumpish in his behavior. Despite a line of zeros in comparing our net worth, I think this guy is more like me than any others – the snivelers, the boasters, the Ivy League elite and arrogant- give me the rich guy, please. At least he can show he knows how to do something, run something and be successful. We’ll send Cindy to the WH to do the wallpapering for him.

  6. The Lorax says:

    Romeny is successful, in part, because of a silver spoon. Those advantages did really pay off for him!

  7. J. Strupp says:

    The quote, “born on third base and thought he hit a triple” comes to mind, Lorax.

    Romney has 2 post-graduate degrees from Harvard so you’re out of luck with not having an Ivy League elite as President.

  8. J.Strupp. Good point. Hard to find national political leaders without Ivy League connections these days. Guess I’ll have to adjust my rant.

  9. Randy in Richmond says:

    One can be Ivy League–and not elite. I can’t remember ever reading about President Bush and the term elite in the same sentence. Lots of other terms come to mind, but not that one. You’re okay with your rant.

  10. Randy’s reaction in his initial reply is identical to my own.

    Oh, and one more thought:

    Let’s think about this for a minute. Romney is a smart guy. He knows he’s stepping into the biggest political fight of his life and by some measures the biggest in American history. And he knows class warfare will be big part of Obama’s strategy. So given that, why do you think that Romney would have a car lift put in his house? Is it possible that the fact that his wife has multiple sclerosis has something to do with it…..?

  11. Ryan, that was really a lousy response. No, the fact that Ann has MS has nothing to do with a lift to shuffle four cars in a garage being part of the 2008 plans.

  12. I really do suspect the car elevator has something to do with design form and function. My guess is it has to do with zoning laws and not building beyond the footprint of the original building. Most lake homes seem to have the same restrictions in Wisconsin, I’d imagine California’s zoning is much tighter.

    Romney’s got a slew of kids. They probably have rules about how many cars can be parked in your own driveway (for example, my sisters condo association limits this to one car– more show up, let’s say children are visiting, and she gets a call about excess vehicles in her driveway…) and that may drive the the decision to put in an elevator for the cars.

  13. Oh, I’m sure there’s a perfectly logical explanation. I can’t believe with all of the issues we have to discuss regarding the future of this country we’ve managed to fixate on a car lift, but hey. 😉

  14. J. Strupp says: