Rush to Judgement

Today Rush Limbaugh could utilize that wonderful quote from Mark Twain that

“reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated”….

This site included, many predicted the demise or diminution of Rush as advertisers reportedly were leaving in droves and a ground-swell of boycotts were seemingly initiated. Sandra Fluke was riding her 15 minutes as she refused Rush’s apology and made the rounds on friendly media. And I would agree, that if this fray had occurred say, 15 years or so ago, Rush most likely would have suffered more dire consequences. What has happened in the past years to produce a much different outcome than the predictions here and elsewhere, prognosticated less than a month ago, as highlighted in this recent WashPo article on Rush’s non-demise?

I would suggest the slow, oh so slow, loosening of the MSM’s grip on dominating what we see, hear, and read (as well as what we don’t see, hear, and read) is much of the reason. The internet, Fox and other like networks, and the many social medias now allow us to receive the other side of the story. And who do we have, in a very large part, to thank for that–why, one Rush Limbaugh himself. You can love him or hate him but he resonates with many of the conservative majority that compose this country. If all we had had was the MSM plus PBS and 3 major networks to dine on for information on this incident Rush may well “have been toast” as one commenter alluded to on this site.

And contributing as saviors for Rush were Bill Maher, David Letterman, Ed Schultz, Keith Olbermann, Joy Bahar, and others who had paved the way for Rush by making equivalent or viler statements previously about conservative women that would never have seen renewed daylight except for the 15 minutes of fame one Sandra Fluke received about a month ago.