Tom Barrett for Governor

We’re gonna have some fun now!


  1. Barrett’s announcement makes it more likely Walker will lose the recall, but it’s better for Wisconsin. He’d be a far more reasonable governor than Kathleen Falk, and it presents Democrats with an interesting choice. To them, Barrett is like Mitt Romney to Kathleen Falk’s Rick Santorum. The unions will want Falk, but the establishment is likely to want Barrett.

  2. I’ll have more to say next week, but yes, it’s an interesting development.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    In several months of beating the bushes for recall petition signatures there were just over 900,000 approved signers. This is about 10% less than voted against Walker in 2010 and 20% less than voted for him.

    Is it easier to sign a paper that someone brings to your door or meets you with in a public place, or go to the polls and cast a vote for a person that was not mentioned in any way when you signed the petition? Time will tell.

  4. The Lorax says:

    Let me translate Randy’s comments out there for anyone not speaking Limbaughian.

    “Several months” = 60 days.

    In that entire 60 day span, I saw a person with a petition twice. That was a day I happened to be driving past the Whitefish Bay Library. And then again by the Shorewood Post Office.

    I don’t know where your logic that signing a petition is easier comes from since, you know, elections are at fixed times, fixed places, and a civic duty, whereas signing a petition probably happened for the vast majority of people if they happened to run into someone with a petition.

    I know plenty of militant democrats who didn’t sign. For a variety of reasons. How’s Virginia, Randy? Because I really doubt you have any clue about what actually happened on the ground here during those 60 days.

  5. Randy in Richmond says:

    There seems to be a trend that other’s wish to resay what I really mean. The nice thing about that is that most people can decide for themselves. Let me clarify…

    One could sign a petition in the months of November, December, or January. That’s several months.

    Lorax has made an earlier comment on this site on February 1, 2012 in reference to the recall petitions (Comment # 18):

    “For the record, I never even saw the 5-signature page. The petitions I saw–including the one i signed–had 10 sigs per page….”

    On Febuary 1, 2012 at at 9:12am I entered a Post titled Non-Scientic Fun. For this post I went to the GAB’s site and examined one 50-entry summary of the Walker Recall signatures. It was Gov 351-400. Part of my summary for those 50 signatures was as follows:

    There were 28 ten-signature forms, 21 five-signature forms, and 1 one signature form in the 50 petition sample.

    Let me translate for anyone out there not speaking liberalese. Today Lorax states he “saw a person with a petition twice”. In February on this site he stated this on our discussion on signatures

    ” This discussion made me laugh. ALl(sic) this prognosticating with everyone convinced they have found something, when really it’s all a lot of Sound and Fury.”
    For the record, I never even saw the 5-signature page. The petitions I saw–including the one i signed–had 10 sigs per page….

    Now we know he based these comments on “seeing a person with a petition twice”. My summary showing that 44% of individual petitions were non-10 signature was based on 50 signatures from the actual GAB published record.

    If people blogging should only make comments on issues in their own backyards ( “having a clue” ), what percentage of blogging would disappear?

    Virginia? We’re fine. Last budget period we had a surplus. The main reason we did is because we are a right-to-work state and our public employees cannot belong to a union.

    I may not have been in Wisconsin for those several months but apparently my information on this issue is more pertinent than Lorax’s and based on more than seeing “a person with a petition twice“.

  6. Wow, this Randy guy revises the calendar, along with the restof reality, at his whim, huh? Weird(0).