The Road Less Traveled

Now that the Republicans have whittled down their list of contenders for the Presidency to one candidate, the real run for that office is beginning. Unlike 2008, when Barack Obama was essentially an unknown candidate with little track record, this time around there are footprints in the sand. In an early-on interview David Axlerod, former Senior Advisor and now Communications Director for Obama’s Re-election Campaign, learned how important those footprints can be. On Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace took Axlerod to the woodshed by just asking basic questions of him. But when asked to summarize Mr. Axlerod said this:

There you have it. The “path down the economic road we are on“, of the past 3 1/2 years, according to the Director of the President’s Re-election Campaign, is not the road we should be on. I wholeheartedly agree.