Poor Fluffy

Tacky Cindy here. Come on. You can admit to having missed her a bit. Anyway, as I postpone writing today’s state post (Republican Senate race primary is coming up. Get excited. Woot!) I thought I’d share this laugh-out-loud funny video. You have been warned to protect your computer screen. The guy who sent it to me did not show me the courtesy I am giving you. 🙂

The spoof is from the movie “Downfall” where Hitler is ranting from his bunker. (See a list of 25 British spoof favorites.)

Just in case you missed it, the fun on Twitter this week has been the recollection of young Barry Soetoro eating dog with his step-dad Lolo in Indonesia. The right has had a bunch of fun spoofing now Barack Obama’s dinner given the hoopla his campaign has tried to fabricate over a vacation story the Romneys told.

The back and forth has been both amusing and ridiculous, but as a bored housewife I will also declare it’s been entertaining. I’m sure it’ll come up in the comments, but the best bottom line I’ve heard on the give and take? Obama’s camp was really trying to make a deal of dogs in this campaign; the right is simply making fun of it. After all, dogs are not the issue in this upcoming race, are they?

(If you really want more links let me know and we’ll get to it over the weekend.)

Hope you enjoyed. I long to be as clever as the person who scripted the above. It is incredibly funny stuff, but then I have a Monty Python streak, too. 😉