Good morning out there!

Go read Dr. Tim.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    I like Dr. Tim. He uses no links but it sounds good to me. What a gifted writing style along with the right bent on things.

    And Good morning to you.

  2. Add to this Tom Barrett’s call for civility between the D candidates for governor while he has a 14 point lead over Falk. If Falk isn’t going to aggressively point out the differences between Tom and herself then why is she still running? In any case none of these D candidates can convince me that it’s in my families interest to pay higher taxes so that a group of elitist haves don’t have to pay anything toward their pension, benefits, and early retirement.

  3. Perhaps my own “call for civility” as it was labeled in a Madison blog has something to do with it. No, Barrett doesn’t give a whip what I say, but there is, without doubt, a contingency of voter like me who is tired of all the anger. (I’m one in the crowd with a blog.)

    I’d say that attitude is what the Barrett campaign is banking on this round. They want to get past Falk as easily as possible, and then propose a “civil” (yes, double meaning implied) approach to government. It’s all very subtle, but it’s there, and I think it could work.

    Expect that word to get used a lot through the first week in June.

  4. J. Strupp says:

    Just curious. Who is this group of “elitist haves” who don’t have to pay anything toward their pension, benefits, and early retirement?

    Can you be more specific, Leapin?