The long road to Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Now that the candidates are decided (Excuse me for a minute, but surely you saw this. Journalism at its best that headline choice. Brink. Such urgency! Such importance! Hah.) we can look forward to several months of swerving campaign tactics. A junkie buddy of mine and I were hashing out some of the most recent:

–There is a war on women by Republicans according to Democrats. But the real war on women is in the job market given job losses from the fumbling economy.

–Romney caged a dog and drove with him atop the family station wagon. Obama ate one. But the real shame is the expense of keeping a dog in this economy.

–Romney’s great-grandfather was a polygamist. Obama’s father was a bigamist. But neither could afford it today given the economy.

You see, it was an interesting week for the Obama campaign. They couldn’t catch a break. Everything they tossed – to the electronic world especially – was refuted in moments. (I love watching it happen in real time.) It’s also great to let President Bill Clinton’s “It’s the economy stupid” campaign rally cry come around to whack Obama in the backside.

But it really is about the economy. It’s always about the economy.

A few years before Clinton, President Ronald Regan asked, “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” The chart below gives an interesting answer for the same question today.

Just to follow up, here’s the latest chart of the DJIA in the Obama era. It starts about this time of year in 2008 when Obama was first recognized as the candidate. I was challenged here to post the chart three years later. So I’m off by a year. 😉

Obama’s administration is seeing another rash of scandals; green energy has failed miserably leaving America without an energy plan; housing values continue to decline and along with them the net worth of the nation; the education bubble is starting to pop as half of the current college graduates can’t find employment other than waiter or barista; oh, and it’s the economy.

Plus, remember The Obamater? Only 35% of his promises have been kept. Obama can’t afford to run on his record. It’s lousy. Still, you can expect his campaign to continue tossing out non-issues and playing them as issues. But this time it looks like the arsenal, much of it recently from Obama’s own autobiography Dreams from My Father, will be around to refute them all pretty much on the spot.

As I was told the other day, “This could be fun.”


  1. we used to call it a bad news day when anything can be printed to take up space. in my opinion the political rhetoric has the people feed up with printing anything to take up space and will not buy into it. these presidential campaigns are too long and too expensive to gain the trust of the people. This presidential election will be decided by the silent majority, the Independent Moderates, IM what IM. as one of them we are well aware of what is said by the politicians and we are not easy prey for their kill the enemy strategy. there are good people on both sides of the aisle and who find themselves part of middle American every day. let the politicians have their days and in the final analysis the Independent Moderates will make the final decisions.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    The war on women is over. Hilary Rosen can be thanked for that.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    Good to hear from you Dick. Hope you are well.

  4. You are right, Dick, in my opinion. I was telling someone earlier this race will be decided by about 20% of the voting population. Every advertisement from this moment on is geared to that voter.

    I remember an Econ II class I took in about 2004 it must have been. The professor, a kid (I get to say that 🙂 ), strolled in and asked my classmates “why is John Kerry wearing blaze orange?” It was about the third week in October. Of course, being the only political science major in the room I did a great Arnold Horshack impersonation.

    “To move to the middle of the bell curve,” I said.

    That was a proud moment in my housewife world, I must say. And yes, there is a curve. A great number of voters reside in the middle ground of that bell hump. They are the prize.

    I took that class pass/fail, by the way, so you are welcome to discount my opinion on this one. 😉 But I did pass.

  5. The Lorax says:

    “Scandals”? Nice try.

  6. Bargaining to share a $47 prostitute only works in certain circles as a scandal I suppose. Oh, and that gun running thing. Ok, yes, it was a nice try on my part. 🙂

  7. I don’t think you’re taking a wide enough view of the negatives of the GOP right now.

    The Pres can contrast his decisive handling (read: accountability) of the Secret Service affair against GWB’s abject failure to hold anyone accontable for anything.

    The War on Women meme will be reinforced every time someone like Glenn Grothman opens his mouth over the next 6 months. The GOP, especially at the state level across the country, can’t help doing stupidly ideological things that hurt their up-ticket candidates. Look at Arizona or Oklahoma for examples.

    The low point on your graph is at the end of the MBA Administration. Bush and his gang sucked the economy dry on their way out the door and charts like this just serve to make that point so much more clearly.

    As for green energy, its death has been greatly exaggerated in the right-wing media. Detroit is in the lead as conservation and alternatives to oil are recognized as good business practices across all industry sectors. We’ll never have personal nuclear generators or windmills on every house, but green tech is here to stay and the GOP’s willingness to shackle us to the Middle East just serves to set them apart from the rest of the economy.

    Ryan’s sad attempt to flog his flaccid roadmap one more time also points up the desert that is GOP thinking in the second decade of the century. He’s been in Congress since 1999 without much to show for himself except an unearned reputation as a Young Gun. Sooner or later he’ll need to become relevant or move on.

    Obama isn’t perfect, but he’s a damn sight better than Romney. He got us out of Iraq (sic) and got bin Laden. He’s seen as being held back by Boehner and Co. on the economy by a large swath of the country and there\’s a nationwide backlash happening against the Know-Nothing Party. I think you’ve misread your tea leaves

  8. High five, Grumps! “It’s Bush’s fault” was your first point. You write several examples of sorrowful sufferings at the hand of those rotten GOP folks where you blame Bush for a second time, and then you mention Romney once at the end?

    This is going to be fun!

  9. J. Strupp says:

    “The Dow when from about 13,000 to about 7,000 and is now around 10,000. I still argue the market new this next president would be a Democrat, and when it turned out to be Obama, it freaked.

    I also have a personal theory we’ll be trading a little above and below 10,000 for a long, long time.”

    So if the market “freaked” then what does it say about the fact that it has almost doubled since?

    Your Obama/stock market correlation is still dear to my heart after all of these years Cindy!

  10. So where on that chart did Obama’s approval ratings start to tank?

    Uh huh.

  11. Randy in Richmond says:

    “Obama isn’t perfect”. I agree. But he was perfect 4 years ago. What happened?

    And it’s like the first 2 years of the Democratic trifecta Obama administration didn’t happen (Presidency, House, Senate).

    And only ‘because of‘ George Bush’s policies was Osama bin Laden killed. Had Obama’s policy been in effect he would not have been killed as it happened.

    I missed it — what’s Ryan running for?

    And certainly green energy cannot be dead–it hasn’t been born yet.

  12. A chuckle every time I see Obama supporters still complaining about Bush. Like that’s a good reason to vote for a proven failure.

  13. Randy and Cindy. thanx for the welcome back. the independents i speak with are most concerned about the inability of the DC pols to put together a deal that is good for the people and so so for them. Independent Moderates do not agree with either party all the time but agree with either party some of the time. why can’t the political partisans do that ?

  14. Oh, be Fairly Conservative? Or maybe it’s Fairly Liberal.

    I guess my best answer is this. And I didn’t even say it.

    The Founding Fathers got a lot of things right. It always works in a thriving economy. But I agree with you Dick. Something has gone wrong. I wrote ages ago that Son #1 said, “We need a recession.” Let’s hope it is just all shaking out.