Open Thread

While Cindy is away if anyone wants to comment on anything please feel free to do so here.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    Went to the NASCAR race Saturday night with 100,000 others, and they do put on quite the show. Kyle Busch, my least favorite driver won, and Junior finished 2nd. What a boost to the local economy these races are.

  2. Anyone have any insight on why Leah Vukmir endorsed Hovde? It makes sense if she thinks that he will catch on and a few months from now we’ll be saying “Wow, that Vukmir endorsement really seemed to spark that Hovde surge”. But I don’t think that’s actually going to happen. And even if Hovde does catch on and get, say 10% of the vote, that will just funnel support away from Neumann and help Thompson win, right?

    I have not completely ruled out supporting any of the candidates, but I basically want the lowest possible probability of Baldwin winning. So I think that means I have to vote for Tommy in the primary, right?

  3. Anthony says:

    Let’s discuss the Occupy movement. This is going to be good. Here’s a Facebook comment I recently made regarding it:
    “I seriously don’t see how sitting on your ass in the middle of a public area, doing nothing but holding a sign and chanting is going to change anything. Want things to really change? Run for office. Elect representatives that you know will change our nation. Even just go out and vote! It’s called ACTIVELY participating in the political process for a reason.”

  4. Well done, Anthony!

  5. Barrett and Walker are in a dead heat. Barrett is up by 1 point among all voters, and Walker is up by 1 point among likely voters.,0,6070085.story

    This is going to be a nail-biter next month.

  6. Randy in Richmond says:

    I found some of the results of the Marquette poll KPOM references interesting.

    Requiring public employees to contribute to their own pensions & pay more for health care:

    Favor: 73%
    Oppose: 23%

    Did not sign Recall Petition: 61%

    Are you conservative or very conservative: 42%
    Are you liberal or very liberal: 22%

    No one in household is a member of a union: 73%

    Government issued ID for voting:
    Favor: 61%
    Oppose: 37%

    Limit collective bargaining for public employees:

    Favor: 49%
    Oppose: 45%

    Who did you vote for in the 2010 Governor’s election:
    Walker : 50%
    Barrett : 39%

    I find these revealing but polls are just that-a
    poll. They are a snapshot of a marathon. The last stat given here showing 50% of those polled voted for Walker and 39% for Barrett is interesting as Walker actually received 58% of the vote and Barrett 39%.

  7. Hey, I’ve endeared myself to Tom Barrett enough to get to keep my house in the suburbs.

    KPOM, I don’t know that it’s going to be that close, but then, I’ve been wrong as much as I’ve been right, so I guess the calendar simply has to run out on this one.

    One thing is for certain: Barrett is the Dem nominee. All that union money for nothing…

  8. Saw a great yard sign the other day:

    “Vote for Walker. Don’t Falk it up, we can’t Barrett”

  9. Yes, that’s been out for a few weeks. It is clever.