Fifty 50

Go read Craig Gilbert this morning. What he says about the upcoming recall is important. The recall is a statistical toss up, and the numbers haven’t changed much despite efforts on either side.

Oh, and a certain DA in a certain county is still sitting on his super special secret investigation. I guess we ought to start a pool to see when he indicts the Governor prior to the June 5th election. Timing is everything.

Which reminds me: Today is the last day to vote prior to next Tuesday’s primary. Scott Walker is on the ballot on the Republican side, and yes, he has an opponent, so you probably need to plan to show up. I have to get it done today because I’m running away again this weekend.

But first I’ll be hanging out with the Elmbrook Historical Society from 11 to 2 as they host a round of school groups. If you happen to be there too, be sure to say hello.


  1. Billiam says:

    I have to vote early as my boss has me back in Michigan next week. 3 weeks in a row! Yeech!

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    Apparently the old joke “vote early and vote often” truly applies to Wisconsin in the coming weeks.