Remember to vote tomorrow

There are primaries for both Republicans and Democrats.

Gee. I wonder how hard it is to predict the two winners for the gubernatorial race?

I did hear an interesting thing: Democrats cancelled a unity rally they had scheduled for after the election. Language alert, but here’s my favorite analysis. Oh, except for my own. Wisconsin unions had no idea they’d be neutered in this recall. All that work gathering signatures to have Tom Barrett tell you he’s not really interested in doing – well – anything if he’s elected.


Update – Ok, that was my favorite analysis for a while, but The Recess Supervisor wins this one. My favorite line?

Seriously, who the hell are you, undecided voter?


  1. Interesting “analysis” from the Daily Kos. So even if they lose on June 5th, they won’t go away and will keep on “occupying” until they can help themselves and their union buddies to the public trough.

    As David Burge of IowaHawkBlog put it, maybe they think we can vote ourselves Germany’s money just like France and Greece.

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    One of the few times a site with the word Conservative in it’s title can link Kos to make a point. When the left cancels a symbolism over substance event there must be discourse among those in charge of the symbolism.