Follow the Leader……Not Really

Forget the politics of it all. Forget the evolving and past stances. The influences on November’s election will take care of themselves. Yesterday’s announcement that the President favors marriage between those of the same sex is not really news, at least not to me. Heck, Dick Cheney beat Obama by 3 years. It is totally consistent with other actions Obama has initiated or taken over the years. While not consistent with what he has ‘said’ in the past, depending on when the past is, it is consistent for this President to say one thing and do another.

But this attempt to imply that because of Joe Biden’s recent statements on the same subject the President was forced to show his hand is hogwash. Biden’s statements were part of the coming out process. Who believes gaffer Biden is stupid enough to make the statements he did without the White House having prior knowledge or possibly calling the shots? It’s a policy decision. Whether I or others agree or disagree with the policy is not germane to this post but taking me for a sheepish follow-the-leader idiot that this policy was released now for the reasons being given is balderdash. It is a smartly designed ploy that allows the President to have his cake and eat it too.

And for his part in the ploy Biden helps assure himself of the VP spot on the Dems’ ticket this summer.