Going public

No, not Facebook, although today’s the day. And I beg everyone to take a moment and contemplate how billions of dollars in net worth are about to be created out of thin air. Beware irrational exuberance.

Actually I’m going public on another matter, that project I’ve a mentioned on Facebook and Twitter a few times over the last couple of weeks.

Yesterday I wrapped up some basic research, enough to tell me I’m on the right track, for a book I will publish titled Scott Walker: A Fairly Conservative View from Wisconsin. I also set up an appointment to hang out at the Marquette University library next week where I am told there’s a whole file pulled together on one of their most favored former students. But that’s not what I’ll be there to peruse.

My goal – and I’m putting it out there to raise the stakes because I work best under pressure – is to write 30,000 precise words and market the piece through Amazon.com for the compelling price of $2.99. July 1st is the release date for now.

I have no intention of influencing this recall election. I very much want to convey what’s taken place in our state over the last couple of years. And just like the right wants Obama properly vetted (Oh, come on, surely you saw that yesterday?), I’m finding no problem with doing the same for our own Governor.

Please be gracious and wish me luck on this project. I confess I have some wonderful support already in place, but I’m predicting it will take a blogging community to write this ebook.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    That seems a lot of words and I wish your fingers smooth sailing as you put facts and ideas to the screen. Sign me up–I’ll buy one.

    And that other thing about vetting that you mention. Forget whether it’s valid or not. It does exist and was printed for a specific purpose. My question is how has no media of any shape or size not located the document considering the furor this issue has stirred over the months–or worse yet knew of the document and did not make it public. This is not a conspiracy type deal but appears to be a real printed document. There will definitely be more on this – from all sides.

  2. Pre-sale of the book has increased 100% over yesterday! 😉

  3. BrkfldDad says:

    Add on one more from me…

  4. Soaring I tell you!

  5. The Lorax says:

    I’m happy to edit for you. I’m a good editor. I won’t agree with you. But I could help. Door’s open…

  6. Thank you so much! It’s on the calendar to get to you about the third week in June. Will that work for you? Hopefully I’ll have one other person looking at it for grammar/typos.

  7. I’m excited for you Cindy. I’ll get a copy if you bypass Amazon. Have you tried selling through B&N?

  8. Oooh. Never thought of that conflict for you. If I sell more than 1,000 copies I’ll find a way to put it to B&N, too. In the meantime, I’ll make certain you get a .pdf. If I remember correctly the Nook can read those with ease, right?

  9. Barnes & Noble as “Pubit” here’s the link http://pubit.barnesandnoble.com/pubit_app/bn?t=pi_reg_home

    If you do a movie, I prefer Tom Sellick or Lou Costello to play me.

  10. Now how in the world did you know you’d be in this book?