Excellent reading by The Weekly Standard

High Noon in Wisconsin


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    Well, the article is perfectly clear.There are valid reasons to recall Governor Walker. For the safety of him, his family, pets, and the further safety of the Kenosha teacher who appeared in an ad supporting Walker. It will also prevent private companies that produce support-Walker-items from receiving boycott threats from school staff.

    Yessir, with a classy run campaign for the recall like this how can one not support it.

  2. Has there been any polling on the Senate races? One is effectively a special election since it’s an open seat, while the other 3 pit incumbent Republicans vs. Democrats. What is the likelihood that the Democrats take control of the state Senate? If Walker wins but the Democrats win at least one of the races, what do you see as the larger impact? If Walker loses, obviously that would be seen as a big win for the unions, regardless of what happens in the Senate races. However, if it’s a split decision with Walker winning, do you still see that as a setback for the unions?