The morning news

Chatter in certain circles is that the federal prosecutor is getting involved in the John Doe investigation that is of interest to a certain Wisconsin governor. Speculation continues there is pay to play, bid rigging, and housing for the Department of Aging offices involved. One thing is for certain: if this rumor manifests there is a real problem with leaking information from what is supposed to be a sealed investigating environment.

Oh, who knows. Rumors have swirled for weeks. Could we please just get on with this? It’s so grossly disingenuous to be dragging the investigation out and peaking it a few weeks before the recall election.

There are no grown ups in this game. That’s obvious.

Oh, speaking of grown ups, yesterday’s back and forth includes the news that one of the investigators has a recall sign in his yard. Of course, the lefty rebuttal is that his wife, who also signed the recall petition, has a sign in her yard. Further they conclude Republican heads everywhere are exploding because women are not supposed to have opinions. (Yeah, I’d source that, but I’d get in trouble.)

I know a little something about respecting your husband enough to protect his need for independence in the professional world. My opinion (I checked this morning and I’m still a girl who votes Republican) is that Mrs. Budde must be a very shallow personality indeed if she’s is so willing to demand her own political demonstration in conflict with her husband’s work. No, I don’t like it all the time, but I do it. Daily.

One might also consider half of that sign his, as Wisconsin is a community property state. 😉

I’m meeting another Brookfield housewife for coffee this morning where we will discuss, among other things, Tom Schellinger’s announcement that he’ll run for State Assembly in the 13th district.

Then I have a date with the archives in the library at Marquette University.

Speaking of heads exploding, mine is considering it. I’m not used to working this hard. No, I’m not proud of that. But trust me, it’s tough to get back into research writing mode after a few years out of college. If our paths happen to cross and I’m scowling, please forgive me. It’s not you; it’s me. I’ll be through it soon enough.


  1. Cindy. Tom Schellinger has the right to seek public office as many times as he wants. If you and your friend decide to oppose and expose him again that would be no surprise. Tom has the dedication to do something about government. Some just talk about it. Lincoln ran 11 times and was defeated. Proxmire ran 8 times before he won.

  2. Yes, he does. Absolutely.

    He’ll have competition, as usual. I believe one of Leah Vukmir’s staffers is running, too.

  3. right. i met him with the Senator at the fund raiser for Mayor Ponto.