Waukesha County Republican delegates turned out for Mark Neumann

I’ve let a little time pass because this is a very sore subject and Wisconsin is mostly diverted by the recall hoopla, but there’s something you should know.

There’s a decent chance Mark Neumann could win the Wisconsin Senate primary.

A few weeks ago (Three? I’ve lost count but I think Mother’s Day weekend if you are keeping track.) a bunch of Republicans got together in a convention arrangement that actually wasn’t the Country Springs in Pewaukee and decided who to support for the upcoming Senate race.

Candidate Eric Hovde went out on the first ballot; Tommy! was down on the second. (Holy cow. I was getting email updates from someone attending and watching it on Twitter and I have to say that was something else to witness from more than a thousand miles away. I can only imagine how it felt to be there!) And then in the final round, a bunch of I-hate-Mark-Neumann loyalists conspired to throw their votes at Jeff Fitzgerald to make sure Neumann didn’t get the party’s endorsement at 60%.

While Neumann’s support stayed constant that evening, there was, I imagine, a number of “oh, shit!” statements rumbling in the building. (Except I shouldn’t say that because Mark might read this, but that’s just the way it goes. Some people bring a pet to the relationship. I have interesting word choices…) I won’t source it, but it was said Tommy! left in a huff. And lots of folks left rather stunned.

And I’d bet Mark Neumann left smiling.

As well he should. Listen from what I was getting, the man should grin ear-to-ear, especially when you consider the support from Waukesha County. At the end of the first ballot with all four candidates available, the numbers tallied from Waukesha County:

Neumann: 343
Fitzgerald: 112
Tommy!: 71
Hovde: 56

Here’s the screen showing totals from the first round, what appears to be the primary ballot at this point:

The second round of Waukesha numbers showed:

Neumann: 378
Fitzgerald: 144
Tommy!: 59


Hovde is self-funded, so I suspect he makes it to the primary. Tommy!, however, relies upon the kindness of others and well, his heart may not be in it anymore. He was recently named Chairman of the Board for a Florida pharmaceutical company. That reeks alright, and it’s not independence I’m smelling.

So, hard-core party loyalists probably aren’t impressed, but I’m so excited about the Neumann numbers out of this county. Waukesha County is the center of the Republican party in Wisconsin. I really like what I see.

Keep the hate to a minimum in the comments, please. It’s absolutely known how a couple of you feel about Neumann. Thank goodness you were a minority in those first rounds. Just remember, it’s unlikely the primary ballot will have only Neumann and Fitzgerald. A plurality takes this one. In fact, I’d say from my thinking the more candidates who stay in this race, the better.


  1. That’s probably bad news for the GOP. While “Tommy” is too much of a Democrat for my liking, Neumann is way too conservative on social issues to get my endorsement.

    The GOP will be at a disadvantage nationally until they divorce themselves from the “Religious Right.” Christianity is far more compatible with the social philosophy of the Democrats, anyway.

  2. Given your “endorsement” would be anonymous, I’m thinking Neumann won’t be quaking in his boots. 😉

  3. I think everyone who reads my comments on random blogs, and who used to read my blog, and who reads my Twitter feed knows that I’m not anywhere near that religious… and yet… for some odd reason… Neumann’s conservative stances don’t bother me all that much.

    At least this time around, he’s definitely not wearing the social issues on his sleeve, and that’s important. The important thing to remember about any candidate is that they need to have a good framework of understanding of government.

    As long as you believe that moral issues are personal decisions, then I can simply agree to disagree with you about them. Mark Neumann is no Gary Johnson in that regard, but I believe he’s come a long way towards his small government beliefs, and that would affect his voting even on social issues.

    And if not… I’ll run against him in 6 years on the Libertarian Party ticket (seriously… just don’t tell Ally I said that).

  4. LOL! Thanks for that Nick. She won’t hear it from me.

    There is no such thing as a perfect candidate, but I do like Neumann’s blend of private sector experience plus a few years in Washington, D.C. to make him firmly aware of what he’s about to enter. I still consider him the best of the four standing options on the right 3/4 side of the spectrum. Baldwin is so far left I don’t see how she stands a chance.

  5. Matt Bledsoe says:

    Didn’t Neumann lose Waukesha County by three to one in 2010? Likewise, isn’t he the only candidate that tried rigging convention. In my opinion it is pretty sad that he lost considering how hard he tried. Looks like more of the same tactics.

  6. Right. Like Tommy! didn’t try to have the rules changed at the last minute as to what percentage constitutes an endorsement.

    Neumann haters gotta hate. It simply may be that it’s run the course, though. Good luck with that.

  7. I suspect that those who accuse Neumann of ‘rigging the convention’ are actually the ones who would ‘ rig the convention’. As in block out an endorsement vote in the 3rd ballot for Neumann with a politically driven self-preservation ploy by the other candidate’s delegates of voting for anyone but Neumann. I’m sure those are the tactics you find ‘pretty sad’, huh, MB?

    I think Neumann has been doing what we want our representative government candidates to do. He’s been on the road in every corner of the state meeting real voters, working with the local GOP leaders, getting to know constituents and talking about a real plan. And guess what — We LIKE him! That’s what happened at the convention. RiggingSchmigging. That is just for the haters.

  8. Matt Bledsoe says:

    Didn’t Tommy lose?

    Also, the fact that you and Neumann’s campaign used the quote “haters gotta hate” shows how unprofessional his campaign is. I guess they are right it is an astroturf campaign that is more of what we saw in 2010.

    And the argument you accused Neumann of rigging the convention so therefore your candidate rigged convention is about as legitimate as whoever smelt it dealt it.

    Neumann’s own campaign said that they had 4,000 people attending the convention. The sad part is he lost to Fitz who only had a little over 2,000 votes. That is not only an attempt to stack the deck but failed attempt or lie in either case embarrassing for Neumann. I mean hasn’t he had enough losses and failures in politics? He should drop out now and try and tarnish some of his name.

  9. Wait. Did the campaign use that phrase somewhere else or are you saying I’m the campaign? Because that latter would be incredibly inaccurate. I’m a housewife with too much time on my hands, not a political anything.

    It’s apparent you have strong feelings about the matter, but do you think you could articulate them without sounding like a six year old who didn’t get a trophy at the soccer banquet?

  10. Matt Bledsoe says:

    As a matter of fact the campaign did use that phrase in Politico which shows that between your lack of “political anything” inability to read the news topped with your use of an ad hominen discredits you entirely.

    You give bloggers an even worse name than they deserve. Try to present actual facts for once.

  11. Matt Bledsoe says:

    It gets better…Neumann not only did not win convention but he lied about it saying that he did win.


  12. MB. I have no idea who was your target in that ramble. I can’t follow your ire. (There, is that better than being a ‘hater’?) I was concurring with Cindy, and observing behavior (yours), not parroting a direct quote from a ‘campaign’ of any candidate. Are you a Fitz person? That’s what I can surmise from your defense-attack. You can love your guy but try to fake a little objectivity, and quit your sniping. Prove how Fitzgerald or any other candidate has the grassroots following Neumann has without being decisive, then perhaps I’ll pay attention to you.

  13. I wasn’t at all happy with that tactic either. A lot of us were disappointed.

    Like I said, a good but not perfect candidate. I suppose that will stand for the campaign as well.

  14. caveat: i have no involvement or personal interest in the career of Gov. Thompson. i do have a memory of his being a cheer-leader for Wisconsin and a popular Republican figure in the state. So it bothers me to see the disdain and lack of respect for Gov. Thompson from his own political allies. He is the best choice to replace the self righteous Tammy Baldwin. give the guy a chance. remember what he did for your cause.

  15. near Delafield says:

    Jesus Christ, any criticism directed towards Neumann and you’re labeled a Neumann hater?

    Cindy, you really are a [expletive deleted] idiot at times. Ditto for you, RL.

    Edited 5:38pm for language –Cindy

  16. 98. whatever says:

    Jesus Christ, any criticism directed towards Neumann and you’re labeled a Neumann hater?

    Cindy, you really are a fucking idiot at times. Ditto for you, RL.

    Re-edited 10:36 for rhetorical effect – 98

  17. Fine. It stands. Not my word, but yours.

    Hey, and by the way, as you spend the day gazing at your navel and wondering why your government hasn’t fulfilled your every need, you might consider the notion that your anger is standing in the way of your success.

  18. Re: Haters.
    Point proven.