Woot! That means everyone does it now and then

One of the most frustrating things that can happen when blogging is that you get your post title wrong. A lot of blogging software takes that title and moves it to the unique URL for the content. Once it’s saved it’s spirited off to the search engines, linked by others–sealed in its fate. So when there’s a mistake, you get to see it forever.

I was doing some writing this morning and found this one by Politifact:


Yes, that airport is a growin’.

This is also a small way of letting you know I am alive and I am working. There are hurdles. Yesterday I was so so frustrated with trying to put this mess together in a meaningful way that I was forced to rebuild our gas grill. Replaced the burner, starter, grill bed, ceramic briquettes, and cover; now it’s almost like new.

I am pleased to announce both grill and ebook project are doing fine this morning.

With any luck you all slept in and are enjoying this do-nothing Saturday that’s been forced by the rain.

Happy Weekend.