Help, please. What did Walker do well as an Assemblyman, County Exec

So my chapter feels a little heavy handed, and I could use some balance.

I found where he introduced an assembly bill similar to what he finally passed with Act 10.

I found all that “never introduced a budget higher than the year before” business from the county. I see were he dropped workers for privatization.

What I can’t find is anything he actually accomplished. If you are a Walker fan now is the time to school me on his early career. I’m fine once we get to governor. It’s the first couple of decades that are stumping me, and I really do want to make this as accurate an accounting as possible.


  1. Things he did well:
    1. Raise money
    2. Make the right friends

  2. iknowiknow says:


  3. Yes, Nick. Plus freaking brilliant timing. I’m finding the right place at the right time to be his strongest asset. Still, I’m leaving it open that I’ve simply missed something.

  4. Not from Milwaukee County, but didn’t he make some good hires ( obviously not all, given few with legal issues) and perhaps some of his budget cutting via outsourcing could be considered effective?

    He made really good friends with talk show hosts.

    Maybe his executive leadership was more perception than reality?

  5. TheTruth says:

    Walker had the ability to propose a lot of conservative plans without having to consider the eventual effect of those policies due to the make up of the county board. This allowed Walker to remain idealogically pure and could just stand back and point at the county board regarding failures of Milwaukee county government. So no Walker never did anything because he didn’t have to. He has never had to compromise on anything and it is quite evident. I think lack of compromise is poor governance as the best solution to most issues lies in the middle.

  6. Actually, Mr. Truth, I give your observation a few paragraphs in The Book.

    Still looking for something he did. Anyone? Bueller?

  7. Uhhh, beware of trumpeting that “budget cutting via outsourcing,” since the courts have ruled that Walker did so illegally, and it’s costing Milwaukee County many, many millions in back pay (as well as court costs).

    And what Mr. Truth said.

    So what you can say is that Walker carried forward to the state level his pattern from Milwaukee County, with claiming constant budget crises, to the point that it got to be a joke here, because that was only to allow him to do massive budget cuts — to public services, to maintenance of infrastructure, such as the failure that proved fatal to a young boy — after which there always turned out to be no crisis, after all. Oh, and he sold away land not in the city, where Park East still stands empty after he brought action there to a standstill, but instead on the county grounds in Tosa, which is causing environmental damage and loss — again, owing to lack of maintenance — of historic structures.

    There is a reasont that Milwaukee County voted two-to-one against Walker as governor, and the reason was not that they wanted him to stay.

    So you may want to gloss over his early career, just like his college career. On the upside, the “book” is getting shorter by the minute!

  8. Randy in Richmond says:

    Actually Walker was outvoted by Barrett in Milwaukee County in 2010 by a 1.63 to 1 margin.
    Almost identical to the 1.67 to 1 margin Doyle outpaced Green by in 2006. It appears the vote was pretty much about party affiliation, culture, and traditional voting patterns rather than the personal dislike some would lead us to believe.

  9. “There is a reasont that Milwaukee County voted two-to-one against Walker as governor, and the reason was not that they wanted him to stay.”

    The city of Milwaukee is the most racially segregated city in the US. Second is Chicago. Third is New York. Guess what they all have in common.

    Perhaps Milwaukee voted against Walker because they are all racist open minded liberals.

  10. Actually, I held my own on the word budget when it came to “history as a politician.” But thanks, Geez.

  11. the Walker success is not hard to figure out. he is a good looking male specie with a good voice and a good sense of logic, when it pertains to him. in politics you have to promote yourself. he does that well. he latched onto the anti-labor forces and convinced them he was their man. he can tell a story out of school with calmness. his facial reactions never change so you cannot assume anything he says is what he believes.