Wisconsin – An End Run

Remember the elections of 2010 when most Senators and Congressmen (women) treated President Obama like someone with leprosy when it came to having him campaign with (for) them? The recall election in Wisconsin continues that trend- or does it? One can’t help but notice that the President was all around Wisconsin yesterday raising money at a number of fund raisers. Many have labeled the recall election as having national implications in other states as well as the November Presidential election. So a sitting President who “is in the area” would surely stop by and support the Democratic candidate, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, just days before such an important election.

No, it didn’t happen. Perhaps as a carryover from 2010 Barrett didn’t want Obama anywhere in Wisconsin. Or, and this is my guess, President Obama does not in any way want to be associated with a losing candidate or cause. If he visited Wisconsin and then Walker wins, it wouldn’t look good on the resume. So the fallback plan is to send in a former President to trump the cause–he doesn’t have to be elected to anything.

Neither scenario speaks well for the President.


  1. But we did get Bill Clinton to stop by!

    Estimates of attendance at the Clinton-Barrett rally ranged from 500 to 5000. That’s quite a spread. I wonder which estimate was closer to the truth.

  2. There were 5,000,500 people there Jerry? 🙂

    I am a bit disappointed that there haven’t been any polls released since the Marquette poll taken largely before the first debate. My guess is that the 6-7 point lead is overstated. I wouldn’t be surprised by a 50.5/49.5 vote one way or the other.