You might as well go check out this morning’s Scott Walker rumor

The word on a lefty site this morning is that Scott Walker has three kids.

I know. I heard you groan out there. But really? Nothing would surprise me at this point. And no, a rumor like this one so late in the game won’t get in his way.


  1. This is probably a good sign. If the other side gets this desperate, it’s usually for a good reason. That said, don’t take anything for granted.

  2. This one is very weird. That said…well, you may have to read the book after all. 🙂

  3. Seems one could do a little truth tracking and eliminate suspicion or piqué the curiosity more by cross-referencing Marquette alum from the year of Walker’s projected graduation to the UWMinnesota female faculty of the same era. (The lawyer is in the Twin Cities, she is at a major Midwestern university?) Most faculty list their degree history. If there were some kind of match-up of circumstance, I may be inclined to think there is substance to this rumor. Otherwise, there’s no there there.

  4. Not to worry RL, I’ve already emailed her. If it’s a story, it’ll find its way to the surface sooner or later.

  5. I guess it wouldn’t shock me. However, there are elements which I don’t like.

    1. I don’t buy the reason behind why this election. The normal Governor race a year and a half ago was just as vitriolic. Plus… Why this late? Its all too convenient.
    2. There are too many parties between the actors in the story and the reporter. A “friend” of the woman is telling it? It makes it too easy to make the story impossible to confirm by outside reporting. Also too convenient.

  6. Don’t think it will end June 5. If Walker wins, the Left will just blame it on money. If Walker loses, they’ll go on a recall frenzy. If Walker wins but the Democrats manage to take control of the state Senate, both sides will claim victory and have an incentive to keep going.

  7. Yes Nick, that’s why it’s labeled a rumor. 🙂

    KPOM – Even if the Dems take the Senate it changes absolutely nothing. There wasn’t going to be any new legislation under the current makeup. I suppose w redistricting it might change in a year or so, but nothing for a while.

    If (when) Walker wins and the Dems have to whine about it all being about money, I will get to laugh. It’s been all about money for decades. Why would that change?

  8. I realize the senate isn’t scheduled to have another session before the next election (though Barrett could call one if he’s elected), but symbolically it would be something that the Left and the Democratic party would latch onto if they can defeat someone (or take the open seat), if Walker hangs on. Heck, if it’s a clean sweep for Walker and the GOP, look for them to scrutinize the margin of victory, claiming anything less than a blowout is a sign that the political climate has changed, particularly if the margin is any lower than the votes that Kathy Nickolaus is responsible for counting.

    I think complacency is the biggest fear in the Walker camp. The mantra for the last two weeks is that Walker is ahead and likely to win. Even the media has jumped on that, and with no independent polling in over a week, we have no idea how close the race really is.

  9. Randy in Richmond says:

    If the Dems thought a poll would show their guy gaining or ahead–there would have been a more recent poll. There may have been one but the results were not satisfactory. When a candidate is several points past 50% this close to election day, it’s almost always a good sign. Very rarely does a candidate lose voters in the last few days.

    But the big indicator of a Walker win is the Obama no-show. He was in Chicago not long ago and since in Minnesota and again in Chicago. That is more of a prediction than any poll.

  10. It’s down to 3%

    Barrett actually has a slight lead among independents. The main driver is going to be turnout. It will be a squeaker. PPP is a Democratic polling organization, but they had the most accurate polls in last summer’s recall races.

  11. I saw that. It will be great to get it all behind us.

  12. After the recall is the GOP primary for Senate (I don’t understand why it wasn’t at the same time as the GOP presidential primary), and then, of course, the presidential and general elections in November. You guys have had it rough, but your turnout keeps going up.

    At a national level, the focus will shift to the SCOTUS ruling due later this month, and the debt ceiling.

  13. Fred (RDW) says:

    That isn’t a rumor it is a lie.

  14. I know it’s a rumor Cindy… but rumor’s are not always false. Some turn out to be true. I was pointing out several issues with this particular rumor which make it more suspicious. 🙂

  15. BTW Cindy – Did you see this post at Wigderson’s place? Good info with actual details that show the story is actually false.

  16. SCOTUS! I almost forgot!

  17. Yes, Nick. You’ll notice my name is in that Twitter feed in his post.