Will the real Jorge Maya please stand up.

There’s been a little bit written over the weekend concerning President Obama’s unilateral decision to move non-documented resident youth towards their American dream. Non-documented means illegal. And apparently illegal means little more to Obama that potential voters.

OMG!OMG!OMG! There’s no way illegal aliens could ever vote in America!

Someone should ask Jorge Maya, a student at UWM, if it’s at all possible. As in has he. Ever. Because it appears this Voices de la Frontera’s, YES program member had no problem signing a recall petition for Governor Scott Walker.

That petition was circulated by another UWM student.

But you know, it’s America. It’s Wisconsin! There’s no way fraud could ever happen here.

Thanks to Yosamite for the email on this one. There’s a good mind on that man, and it’s always a treat when he shares. 🙂


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    Interesting that just over a year ago President Obama stated that he did not have the authority to make this decision, that it was up to Congress.

    How is this year different from last? Oh yea, the Olympics are held in 2012.


  2. A reality check ! This has been a global issue for decades. other countries have taken action to resolve it, good or bad. Congress refuses to put politics aside and do something. There are still people of all nationalities who have lived in the USA for years and do not take the time to become a citizen. In my opinion Citizenship and the English language are mandatory requirements. The federal laws are not enforced and the state laws, for the most part, are in a state of flux. During my terms as a Judge there were illegal people in court for various offenses and the state law required the courts to have interpreters or an AT&T telephone operator available who was an interpreter. In my role as a Judge there was nothing I could do under the law except decide the case before me. The blame is on the lawmakers who have do nothing but complain. Mexico is only one country where illegals come from. information is that this is not a presidential executive order but some type of authority the former and present president can enforce through Homeland Security. It may or may not be classified by the feds.