This is What Desperation Looks Like

Words fail.


  1. where did this tidbit come from ? links dont work. who is the author ? most people know how to sort out junk mail.

  2. Hilarious! Who in their right mind would actually request donations to a political campaign rather than wedding gifts? What’s next? Will obituaries read “In lieu of flowers, please send your donations to Obama for America…”?

  3. this is not for real so folks lets get real and think before you act

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    It’s very real Dick.

    It started with selling a night in the Lincoln bedroom and has degenerated to this–pitiful. I predict it will be down within 48 hours.

  5. Yep, Dick, it’s real. That’s what the President’s election committee wants you to do.

    And I have a 50th coming up… 😉 (Oh, please, no! I am just kidding.)

  6. Best tweet ever:

    #Obamafundraisingideas God gave you TWO kidneys for a reason, you know.

  7. Thanks. Now I have to clean coffee off my computer screen.

  8. thanx for the info. some of us do not read every political blog or any at all.

  9. That would be the day when I have people donate to some political candidate instead of wedding gifts. We’re going to be committed to something for more than four years (I hope), paying $30 a plate plus to feed your asses a catered meal, giving you a few free drinks to go alongside it, and all of the formalities of a reception. If you’re financially stable and have the generosity to provide us with a gift, it better not be a donation to some rich guy that has done nothing for our country in the past four years’ campaign.

  10. Randy in Richmond says:

    The “we’re so desperate we’ll try anything” site is still up so my prediction was wrong. I’m actually glad.