The problem in Washington in one paragraph

From Mark Neumann’s latest fundraising email:

The problems in the Senate aren’t complicated. They just take work. Unfortunately, we have some establishment politicians more concerned about getting along and going along than about doing that work.

A couple of weeks ago Senator Tom Coburn from Oklahoma said the same thing at a Neumann gathering I attended. To me, this statement is all that is wrong with Washington. Period.

Wisconsin, do you really want to send someone like Tommy! Go-along-to-get-along-I-endorse-Obamacare-how-much-does-that-pharmaceutical-board-position-pay Thompson to the Senate? Do you really expect him to think beyond his own bank account once he gets there?

No Neumann isn’t perfect. For one thing he’s probably a little too (added: socially) conservative for me, but he is principled. He is smart. He intuits numbers very well, and right now Washington is a numbers game. As in there is too little revenue to cover our expenses. Neumann also conveys that he understands life’s most important lesson: you don’t get something for nothing. It’s going to take planning and sacrifice to move this country forward.

We constantly complain that we don’t have the right people in Washington, but when given the chance voters mistake going-along-to-get-along as effective. Don’t make that mistake in this election.

I compensate for not donating to a campaign by wearing my endorsement on my sleeve. Yes, I will vote for Mark Neumann in the primary in a few weeks. Yes, I will continue to explain why. And I also encourage you to consider doing the same. If you will genuinely consider your vote, make your decision, and share your reasoning with five more people, you’ve done more for your candidate than you could by giving them $100.

Get off the fence, Wisconsin. Let’s get this primary on the road. I’d enjoy it very much if you listen to me and send Neumann to the Senate to help folks like Coburn and our other strong-right Senators turn this country around.


  1. But is the choice really Thompson vs. Neumann?

    What if the choice is really a 90% chance of Thompson and a 10% chance of Baldwin vs. a 40% chance of Neumann and a 60% chance of Baldwin.

    When you look at it that way, it changes things quite a bit, huh?

  2. No, because that’s not the way you read the polls, Ryan.

    If you want to vote for Tommy! and wonder what board he’ll agree to next, go ahead. Tommy! would suck quite a bit; Baldwin would suck a lot but be horribly ineffective. I’m still content to take my chances with Neumann.


    … many GOP strategists don’t expect Thompson’s early lead in the GOP primary to last very long. In the most recent Marquette University Law School poll, Thompson leads his Republican opponents by double digits. But he sits at 34 percent with a quarter of primary voters undecided — a tenuous position for a former four-term governor.

    With opponents painting him as a moderate who is out of step with the modern GOP, Thompson needs to shore up his support among the far right flank of the party who tend to vote in primaries at a high rate. Contentious exchanges with local tea party groups will do little to help that cause.

  4. wrongallalong says:

    “No Neumann isn’t perfect…, but he is principled.”

    Cindy – How do you explain congressman Neuman’s record of whoring for ethanol then?

  5. I looked. Can you find documentation that supports your claim of “whoring for ethanol?” Everything I find from the last few years indicates his position is to not subsidize the grain fuel.

    I searched:
    Mark Neumann ethanol whore
    Mark Neumann ethanol flip flop

    Finally “Mark Neumann ethanol stance” revealed:

    and also this:

    “Has your position changed on ethanol,” a man asked in Oak Creek, “and do you still think we should use this crappy product and subsidize it?”

    “It’s really fun to be back in Milwaukee,” Neumann quipped. “My stance on ethanol has actually not changed one iota since day one, and it’s not going to change when I am governor.

    “I do not think we should have a government mandate for ethanol. I do not think we should be subsidizing ethanol in any way, shape or form. But I believe in the free-market system. And should a farmer decide to sell his corn to an ethanol plant for the purpose of producing ethanol because the market is willing to buy ethanol, more power to him.

    “Now that’s been changed into . ‘Mark Neumann supports ethanol,'” he said, “What Mark Neumann supports is the free-market system.”

    If I remember correctly one particularly mouthy radio talk show host put it out there to bolster his candidate in a primary. Now Tommy! fans are quick to use it hoping the idea will stick.

    You can’t pretend to be a free-market thinker and still buy into the lie that Mark Neumann is an ethanol whore any more than you can pretend to be a Tea Party Republican and support Tommy! Thompson.

  6. J. Strupp says:

    Come on.

    The problem is money.

    Getting along and going along are just side effects of a broken campaign finance system.

  7. J. Strupp, how about you and I get together and fix that! 🙂

  8. J. Strupp says:

    You bet. There’s usually drinking involved when I solve the world’s problems though.

  9. “LIKE” the entire post. Cindy, when you clamber out of writer hibernation, your thoughts and words make their mark. ( pun accidental )

    Glad you surfaced for this commentary. And you’re correct, from my recall there was a mouthy radio guy slinging innuendo about the Neumann stance on ethnol. Hopefully this time around the stakes are serious enough that voters will put aside the mistaken notions of the last campaign and put a guy in Washington that is capable of getting the job done, and then get himself out of Dodge.

    Really, the other candidates don’t come close to the DC experience and budgetary intellect that Mark Neumann possesses. No time for politically-driven gamesmanship this time around; we need to send the smartest, hardest-working, knowledgeable guy in to get the job done. Easy choice in this lot, and that is Neumann.

  10. Oh, J. Strupp, we’ll work well together.

    Thank you RL. Still banging my head against the wall on this other project, but I put a kid on a plane again Thursday so maybe it will get a little easier.

  11. wrongallalong says:

    Whoa there – definitely not a Tommy fan. If there were only two choices in the race, Neumann would get my vote over Thompson by a large margin.

    I used to be a Neumann fan, but his questionable actions during the 2010 primary turned me off. This is also true for thousands of other conservatives in this state.

    While you have cited statements that Mark has made during his campaign, I take them with a grain of salt. Politicians can always pander to the voters they’re hoping to convince this time around.

    I put more stock in somebody’s actions vs. their words. I’ve read several articles over the years on Mark’s “embrace” of the good ship lollipop of green energy. The only one I could find today is this one.

    I’ll fully admit that this is weak tea to support the earlier statement that Mark is a whore for ethanol. However, his embrace of other green BS should speak louder to primary voters than his stump speeches.

    I’m pulling for Fitzgerald to pull out an upset win this August. While we’ll have to agree to disagree on Mark Neumann, please don’t assume that folks who aren’t riding the Neumann train are Tommy fans. We can both agree that Tommy would be a huge letdown for conservatives.

  12. You “used to be a Neumann fan.” That’s what they all say when they get their tail in a crack.

    I will give you credit for admitting you have no ability to defend your “whoring for ethanol” claim. Your link is for an article on solar panels. Now green energy is bad, too?

    If you’ve read this blog for more than a day (as in longer than necessary to plug your candidate) you’d know I’m green because it’s good for my wallet. I will even go further to explain that even if (and that’s an if, I didn’t read the article close enough to see) Neumann Development received federal subsidies for those solar panels it’s still ok. It doesn’t mean he’d vote the subsidies. In fact, in that video he said he won’t vote subsidies, the market should manage the decision. But as a smart businessman, why would he walk away from free money? Does that mean I’m not supposed to get my tetanus vaccination from the county because it might be subsidized?

    What hubris you possess as an anonymous comment to make such a claim against Mark Neumann and how impotent you appear now. Shall I assume your preferred candidate maintains the same qualities? (Of course I don’t. My point is you made a ridiculous assumption because someone told you so. Think for yourself next time.)

    Indeed it appears you were wrong all along.

  13. Wrongall. You have perfectly proven Cindy’s point that the supporters of Neumann’s opponents like to add a little torque to the facts of what Mark Neumann has stated, with the agenda to benefit their own candidate. Not MyTommy!, but Fitzgerald, in your case. For instance, you use the word ‘record’ in reference to your own fabrication of Neumann’s illicit relationships with ethanol producers, when indeed, there is no actual record (or intention) of such. Instead, I compare the work-ethic, intellect, experience and statesmanship of Neumann and Fitzgerald , and refrain from spreading innuendo-packed jabs. When you disparage a candidate’s character with non-substantiated statements, borrowed from a narcissistic talk show host, and based on your own bias, it just makes you look AllthemoreWrongallalong.

  14. I remember the glory days when Gov. Thompson was the cheerleader for the Republican party and the state of Wisconsin. others who rode on his coat-tails and were elected should also remember. Friends, Gov. Thompson was always out there for you and now you want to dump him. You forget all the years he served with distinction and honor and now you want to scuttle the well settled principles of seniority, statesmanship and loyalty. If you are mad because he did not invite you to be an insider then join the crowd. He has more experience, savvy and knowledge than anyone else in the Republican party, spare none. He understood the art of compromise and fair play while still supporting the party line. what you really mean is that he is out of touch because he is an elder gentleman. Besides, he can beat the self centered Tammy Baldwin with ease.

  15. Dick. I don’t personally have anything against Tommy! In fact, he’s likely a likeable guy. But it has been a long time and a lot of lobbying between his governorship and now. Being a great cheerleader doesn’t equate to being the best man to take on the political machine in Washington, from my vantage point. I Like Tommy! I think he makes a great ambassador for Wisconsin. In my heart of hearts, I think the guy wants to be liked too much to be effective.

    My reaction to Tommy! Has NOTHING to do with being elderly. It’s wrong to make that assumption.

    Oh, I’m curious, because I am a political outsider
    ( with not an smidgen of desire to be an insider), are you one of Tommy!’s inside guys? That’d be good to know.

  16. sounds lke a credibility question. No, I never met the man in person. Tommy, yes. Tammy, no (China is cheating ! maybe, with the help of our business ventures who outsource the goods we buy to be made in China. We don’t need Tammy to make more countries part of the feared Darth Vaders in the world.). insider politicians get upset when their leaders do not recognize them. Who needs friends like that ?

  17. @Dick, it sounds like there’s something a lot of us can agree upon. “Toammy” is bad news all around. Tommy, Tammy, what’s the difference?

  18. Dick. No disrespect intended. Innocent curiosity, as One ‘outside’ the ‘inside’ could connect dots and imagine a personal history of fraternizing and rapport. Tommy! has that cheerleader quality that can be attractive, so even if you are best buds, you’d still be credible.