Tammy Goes on the Air; Tommy for US Senate

Tammy Baldwin released her 1st television ad.  Take a look here… it is probably not the sort of ad you would have expected from her.

In fact, it is a brilliant ad from a Democratic strategist’s point of view.  Baldwin’s people saw that Barrett got destroyed in rural Wisconsin.  This is exactly the sort of message Tammy needs push to ensure that she does not suffer the same fate.

I think many Republicans are underestimating Tammy.  Yes, she is on the hardcore left, but Baldwin is a better campaigner than the Tom Barretts of the world.  This is not the sort of race where we can run a second-tier or unlikable candidate and expect to win.

The choice for Wisconsin Republicans is a simple one.  Nominate Tommy Thompson and almost certainly win Kohl’s Senate seat, giving Wisconsin 2 Republican senators for the first time since 1957.  Nominate any of the others and the race becomes a coin-flip at best.  Oh, and what you choose may very well determine which party gains control of the Senate.  If Romney wins, it may be the difference between Mitt’s administration being able to make serious headway on solving America’s fiscal train-wreck vs. having their agenda thwarted by a narrow Democrat majority in the Senate.

All 4 Republican candidates for US Senate have their strengths and weaknesses, but when taking electability into consideration, the decision is a rather easy one.

I’ve been leaning in this direction for quite sometime, but after further reflection, my endorsement is now official:  Tommy Thompson for US Senate.



  1. wow. you switched sides pretty quickly. I agree Neumann will be more difficult to get elected in November, and Thompson will have an easier time, but when it comes down to it on election day, I think that Wisconsin will still vote Neumann over Baldwin. Neumann is a better choice for conservatives because he is not a big government republican like Thompson.

  2. This is what I don’t like about the GOP. Given a choice between “Democrat Lite” and Democrat, voters will in the end gravitate toward the real thing. Sure, Tommy might get elected, but he’ll be a “compromiser,” just like Romney, and push through a bunch of big government measures (like GWB) that when they fail will be used as evidence that “small government and free markets don’t work.” And if Obama gets re-elected he’ll find a way to reach across the aisle (i.e. cave).

    GOP electability is important only if, as I suspect, the SCOTUS ruling goes against us today. The only reason to vote for Romney and Tommy would be an absolute pledge to repeal Obamacare by whatever legislative means possible (breaking filibusters, arm twisting, falling on swords in 2014, etc.). Beyond that, they are Obama-lite and Kohl-lite.

  3. @Chris – This is Cindy, who still prefers Neumann, and that was Ryan, who is young and doesn’t know any better. 🙂

    Oh, by the way:

    Thompson agreed with a mandate which goes against the principles of Republicans. Hey, his words, not mine.

  4. “I was for the individual mandate, before I was against it.”

    Willard “Mitt” Obama, and Tommy G. Pelosi.

  5. I don’t understand Republicans who want to vote for Tommy just to make sure that we have two Republicans in the Senate from Wisconsin.

    Tommy is pretty much the same as a Democrat… so what’s the difference? If you vote for Tommy, you’re conceding to big government.

    Tommy is a spender. Tommy likes the mandate, and while in HHS loved to feed corporate corruption in health care and distort health care markets.

    If you’re voting for Tommy, you might as well vote for Tammy… there’s a reason why their names are only a letter different.

  6. Nick. You have a knack with words. Brilliant. TOAMMY!

  7. As KPOM mentioned, the reason to vote for Tommy just went up another notch. We have 1 last chance to get rid of Obamacare. We can either screw around with a candidate who could very well lose and and ensure Obamacare survives forever or we can nominate Tommy and win and repeal the damn bill. I vote for the 2nd one.

  8. @Ryan, only if “Toammy” signs a pledge to repeal it in its entirety, even though he used to be for the mandate.

  9. Gee Ryan. You are doubling down, huh? Unless dear sweet Tommy! changes his mind again after he’s elected.

    There is a history of inconsistency one must always consider.

  10. Fred (RDW) says:

    Nick are you really arguing that a radical leftist and a moderate Republican are the same thing?


    You might want to rethink that one.

  11. Tommy can win, he is against Obamacare plus Tommy can solve problems better than anyone I know.
    Help me with Tommy’s Sportsmen campaign.
    Bob Dohnal, Publisher
    Wisconsin Conservative Digest

  12. Tommy was for Obamacare before he was against it.

  13. I don’t know how MyTommy! establishes credibility on being against Obamacare. There are oodles of Googles out there that have him endorsing, defending and outright promoting the mandate. Cindy’s link today was just one of many. Go back to his flirt with running for the 2010 Senate race.

    Once the electorate starts to think about this race,(and today’s SCOTUS decision seems to have given that activity a swift kick forward) I’d wager those polls start shifting to Neumann. ( And as a not so humble reminder, I DID beat the InTrade odds on the ruling today.)

  14. KPOM. Are you serious? Do you really think Tommy would sign a full repeal pledge? Don’t lawyers ( and especially one who has been lifetime politician, with time off for lobbying) try to personally avoid such ‘contractual’ agreements ? I wonder if he would actually do so, if put to him. Might be an interesting exchange.

  15. Tommy testified against this bill and the mandate in the US Senate plus has spoken around the country for the last two years against it.

  16. Yes, and he also proclaimed the importance mandate. Tommy! has two opinions on the matter. Shall we trust him to promise us one over the other?

  17. Rarely do I listen to Belling but I just caught his interviews with Tommy! and Mark Neumann on this subject. One was very Statesmannish, focused on solutions, a Conservative strategy beyond Obamacare, and came across with an intellectual confidence. The other couldn’t refrain from turning into a politicking Candidate within seconds of the interview’s inception. He was the one who mentioned testifying ‘under oath’ ( which made me wonder why it was an emphatic necessity and waste of valuable airtime to say that instead of talking about the solution and strategy to the problem.)

    I know which one I trust to be a consistent, strong and dependable conservative representative of MY votes, and it isn’t the one who insists he’s MYSenator in his marketing. Go listen to the podcasts for yourselves. MyTommy! should be in the segment between 4:30-5pm and Mark Neumann was on shortly after 5pm.

  18. Ryan Morgan says:

    I just listened to both interviews. I thought both Thompson and Mark did fine. I like Neumann. If he wins the primary, I hope he kicks Tammy’s butt. I just don’t think any marginal improvement you get with him is worth the gamble. There’s just too much at stake.

  19. Ryan Morgan says:

    Tommy has his downsides, but Neumann does too. Unnecessary hyperbole (which the swing voters who will decide this election detest) is one of them:


  20. I can agree with the unnecessary hyperbole statement. Some of it comes from his campaign, but I’ve seen a couple of things that make me cringe from him, too.

    No candidate is perfect.