Arguing with the left. Your Sunday funny.

As I said earlier in the week, it’s often blog comments that entertain me more than the original post. Every once in a while I stick to a response thread just because it gets fun.

Here’s how it usually happens. Someone makes a claim, they refuse to substantiate that claim, hilarity ensues, and then I’m not worth their time.

Claim: So and so Republican politician did such and such and now 200 baby sea monkeys won’t be hatched like that advertisement promised.

Response: Do you have a photo of the destruction? A link to another post where someone else had the same problem?

Claimant: I don’t have to prove it. Everyone knows it’s true.

Responder: Well, perhaps we’d all be able to understand your frustration better if someone else had seen it, too.

Claimant: You just want to pick on people who try to hatch baby sea monkeys. You are a baby sea monkey hater.

Responder: No, I once tried to hatch a baby sea monkey, but I bought a share of Apple stock instead.

Now if it hasn’t happened earlier, someone jumps in to defend the claim in support.

Defender of all mankind: No, Responder, you are wrong. I know claimant and he would never say something that wasn’t true.

Claimant: Besides, you are just (insert derogatory descriptive word here. (Fat, lazy, stupid, rich, etc.)

At this point it’s a good idea for the Responder to restate the claim and again request some proof.

Defender of all mankind: You are (insert second descriptive word. Usually more strident than claimant’s choice. May invoke either the memory of Hitler or Sarah Palin at this point. The word “hack” may also be used.)

Claimant: That’s ok. I’ll do the research myself. I’ll let you know what I find after I buy 200 baby sea monkey eggs and recreate your environment.

Now one of the two will tell you they have an Aunt who knows someone that once sat behind you when you farted at church and tried to blame it on one of the kids.

(Or that you must be bi-polar after all, or that you once were sued for standing your ground on a development issue.)

Responder has no choice but to slap a final – yes usually snarky – comment down and walk away shaking her head.

Claimant, et. al.: I’m at the beach. I really don’t have time for you anyway.


Here’s an example of the scenario.


  1. I was wondering where you were going with this… Then I saw your link to Capper’s blog. You must’ve really been bored to keep with that. Seems like a waste of time to me.

  2. I was bored. You will notice I finally gave it up.