The Wisconsin influence

This picture is floating around a few places recently.

It makes a girl’s heart go pitty pat.

Ok, it could be Paul Ryan standing on the right, but really? For a ridiculous political geek like myself, it’s more about the collective influence of these four. I’ve never been easy on any of them. (Wait, I don’t remember ever picking on Ron Johnson. We shared a beer at Drinking Right one time. He’d never remember me, but I recall he was very good at making the conversation about everyone else and not at all about himself.)

I’ve was never a Priebus fan when he chaired Wisconsin. I always felt he kept a heel too firmly on the neck of the primary process around here. But there’s no denying he went to the national level and did the job. This article in National Review Online will tell you a little more.

Walker, as you know, has been the focus of recent days. I still can’t say he’d be my favorite person to entertain, but I will confess to being grateful for the results he’s managed for Wisconsin. That’s the hardest part about writing this thing: trying to balance my personal lack of enthusiasm for Walker with my excitement for what he’s accomplished.

Then there’s Paul Ryan. Oh, he slips up here and there (Wine anyone?), but in general, he tries hard. And it looks like he’s doing a good deal of the heavy lifting when it comes to understanding a way out of our debt nightmare. I do wish Republicans in general would get behind one plan, though, gathering a number of good ideas out there, and coalesce more effectively.

So there you have them. As one woman suggested, Wisconsin’s Fab Four. Even after 18 years of living in the state, I’m still amazed sometimes by how Wisconsin becomes the center of the country politically and influences so much nationwide.

Happy Independence Day if I don’t see you again!


  1. Sorry… I call foul on Paul Ryan. He doesn’t try hard at all. If he tried hard, he wouldn’t have voted for Medicare Part D, TARP, the Auto Bailout, etc.

    His wonderful budget plan he keeps pushing? Notice how he only seems to push it when he has no chance of getting it past? If the Republicans take full control in November, expect his budget plan to go right back in a drawer, only to be dusted off again when political points need to be scored.

    He doesn’t try hard at all. Being a political hack comes very easy to him.

  2. Wilson828 says:

    Yeah … I’m not a fan of Priebus either – all spin and little substance… and you’re right about Walker too … it’s all about ‘him’ … but he has coincidentally done well for us (so far).

    Paul Ryan is young and has plenty of time. This is not his time in the sun – tagging himself to Romney as a running mate isn’t smart. Romney isn’t it either – he’s another McCain.

    Paul Ryan would do well to either go it alone next time or tag Chris Christie in tandem.

    My 2 cents worth for July 3rd.

    Have a pleasant holiday and enjoy your family.

  3. Jim Jones says:

    Johnson? Influential? Or couldn’t you find a picture of Walker and Ryan without him?

    The guy defeated Feingold and conservatives certainly owe him that. But he’s excelling at keeping seats warm and little else.

  4. The Lorax says:

    Jim Jones, where have you been all my life?

  5. J. Strupp says:

    Ryan isn’t smart either. His Roadmap was a laughing stock. He has his looks though. And pretty charts. So he’s got that going for him.

  6. Revenge of the Nerds Reunion??

    To nick, ryan didnt just vote for TARP, he was one of the main forces behind it and vehemently supported the original version Paulson wrote on a Napkin giving himself supreme power over the bail out with no questions asked.

    The greatest myth in politics is that ryan is a fiscal conservative.