Obama isn’t working

America isn’t working under Obama.

I know I argue that it is not the government’s responsibility – or even within one politician’s ability – to create jobs. But when a President declares he’s creating jobs with stimulus dollars and those dollars are spent to create overseas jobs, well, that’s a problem.

I’m still not sure where we’re going with this presidential election. I don’t know that Romney has what it takes to actually win it. But with hits like this from the Republican National Committee, Obama looks like he could be losing it all by himself. And that provides the same end result, doesn’t it?

Before you go nutters over the video, look at the sourcing. These were main stream media catches. It’s not something the MacIver Institute filmed.

Here’s the deeper research. If we discuss this, we need to do it with all the facts in front of us. Sure it’s RNC work. But what if it’s dead on?


  1. J. Strupp says:

    Looks about right. My guess is that ARRA funds sent overseas were overstated in the links but we don’t live in a closed economy so this stuff is bound to happen to a certain degree.

    The broader issue here is trade imbalances that make this kind of thing so attractive but that’s another issue and I’ve be hogging your comment box for the last few days.

  2. Bound to happen? From “shovel ready jobs” to bolstering foreign economies?

    Then call it what it is. Just don’t tell me it’s necessary to save America and then save someone else instead.

    The trade imbalance and open trade issues are actually an interesting point I may try to get to in the next couple of days. It came up on the conference call with Reince Priebus earlier today. I think he might have missed in his reply, but I need to think it through.

  3. J. Strupp says:

    I don’t think anyone was trying to save someone else, it’s just impossible to keep all ARRA funds within our borders, given our trade imbalances.

    And Republicans miss all the time on trade policy (Democrats aren’t much better). The fundamental reason for our economic weakness today is the over-valued dollar. When you hear Republicans talk about maintaining a “strong dollar” and reducing public deficits, they are, in effect, trying to reduce GDP and increase unemployment. Paul Ryan gets a free pass on this all the time.

  4. That’s kind of too general a scapegoat reply for the mood I’m in right now. Try again.

  5. J. Strupp says:

    Which part was I being too general on?

  6. The “both sides screw up” bit.