Walker’s Millions

This probably isn’t going to be a long dissertation. And, as often becomes the case, I’ve ended up with more questions than answers in researching my original question.

I started out perusing the expenditures of the July 2012 GAB campaign finance filings for Friends of Scott Walker. There’s a lot of money on those pages. The year to date column shows $27 million plus in and out with a cash balance of $1.6 million. The campaign spent $6.8 million in that filing period.

If you go through the itemized expenditures (Sorry – you’ll have to drag up the report for yourself as I can’t figure out how to link off the GAB site.) you’ll find a remarkable chunk of that was spent on advertising. When I say the media makes money off keeping you angry, I’m not kidding. If you step back to the filing required prior to the recall election you will also find some very large media buys in addition to the expected staff and consulting expenses.

And more than $47,000 for a chartered airplane.

And $100,000 to his legal defense fund.

Fine. Walker took money in and spent it to fight the recall. There is, as I said $1.6 million remaining.

Now, technically that’s not Walker’s money. He’s running a business with it – the business of his campaign. But, and I doubt this surprises anyone, the GAB has always been very generous in what can be allowed. Need $500 gala tickets? That’s getting your name out. Need a box seats at your favorite sporting event? Shucks. Who doesn’t do business at a game here and there. (These are not specific to the Walker report. The first one is a known expenditure from another candidate.) So while it’s not Walker’s money, it’s very much available to him.

My big surprise in my bit of research was Walker’s personally declared wealth. As in there is none.

I’m not kidding. I mean from Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch’s July 2010 filing one can glean interesting details like she owns/owned a business that produces chicken wing sauce with James Bender, Steven Foti, and Thomas Godfroy called Conspiracy. (Gosh I love that.) It’s also easy to discern there’s money in the bank of somewhere between $20,000 and $200,000. (The range is very general.) There are loans: one for over $50,000 and one for under that amount.

Mark Neumann’s statement for the same period shows the man is loaded. (Power to him! Rich people need not apologize in my book.) The link is shown to provide detail contrast for Walker’s reports.

Here are the Walker reports. The first one is prior to the 2010 November election for the year 2009 filed in July 2010. This is the calendar year 2010. This is for calendar year 2011.

That first statement shows between $5,000 and $50,000 in a mutual or money market fund. It also reveals a couple of loans. The next year is identical. The most recent filing doesn’t have a single entry for “stocks, bonds, limited partnerships, Wisconsin governmental securities, and mutual and money market funds.” It does show additional loans. (Oh, and the beauty of this report are those funky governor gifts! Go chocolate covered coffee beans.)

But back to my point. Governor Scott Walker’s most recent statement of economic interest shows him without money where one generally sees money and with considerable loans.


Housewife analysis: Dude’s either living paycheck to paycheck or he’s hiding something. Ok, I concede there are a number of possibilities, but given the other examples, what the heck?

Political slant housewife can’t resist: This is the kind of statement of economic interest that would make any Democrat proud. They often complain all those Republicans are too rich to be in office.


  1. a candidate for a major partisan office these days (thanx to the US Supremes) can raise vast amounts of money from vast amounts of sources. we see some candidates who run for office to get a newsworthy name and to live off the campaign donations. it has become par for the course and the lawmakers love it. Lincoln was broke for different reasons. Grant died a pauper. Truman never had a dime. Nixon needed money to remain in office. Clinton made tons as a respected lecturer. Obamma may lose the election but win the lottery. But, I still do not understand the legal defense fund and how GAB buys into it. but it will go on and on and on…………..

  2. a candidate for a major partisan office these days (thanx to the US Supremes) can raise vast amounts of money from vast amounts of sources.

    …so that even poor people can represent this state. It is as it should be.

  3. tell us what sources will contribute to the poor people unless they have very tight political influence

  4. Rick Smith says:

    Hey lets elect a poor, homeless person to the senate, most likely uneducated, he or she can relate to the public school system in Wisconsin, can relate to the unemployed, can relate to the government hand outs…

    lets do it, the heck with smart people!

  5. So rick are you saying poor and homeless people are not smart? and all rich people are?

    As for being really dumb and can relate to government handouts…we elected Ron Johnson, he blows your theory all to pieces.

  6. FYI. it is not a crime and it is not immoral to be poor. we have poor people in the elite suburbs who had bad luck in investments or spend all their money supporting their family, leaving their net worth worthless. poor does not mean poverty. so what! there is no evidence that rich people are more intelligent than poor people. but the ability of the rich to advertise themselves as being superior gives them the power to be elected to public office.

  7. A Conservative with a moral conscience (seems almost a rarity these days).

    Standing ovation to Dick Steinberg!

  8. Wow, Milton, in one fell swoop, a backhand slam to all conservative thinkers; the lot of us devoid of moral conscience? I find that judgement absurd.

  9. RL have you not been paying attention this past year?

  10. Jeff Simspon. Let me assume you are talking about our last year of divisive politics in Wisconsin? Seems to me I’ve seen deplorable behavior from both ends of the political spectrum. You honestly hold the opinion that Conservatism = morally deficient? I didn’t make a parallel judgment on Progressives, despite my personal exposure to judgmental and elisitst Democrat- thinkers.

    You have a curious slant on humanity, if I’m understanding your barb correctly. I find such situational morality confounding.

  11. NO do not get me wrong. I like and respect conservatives, I wish i could find one. As far as I can tell they died out with Ike.

    What we have in Wisconsin is a far right wing takeover and it is a false equivalency to think that sides have been even. While you might find some deplorable behavior from fringe members of the left, you will find much deplorable behavior from the elected officials and supposed leaders of the republican party.

    If there is sanity(and i hold hope that there is somewhere) in the republican party, I woulod LOVE to see it.

    I am here because i think this is THE single sanest spot in all of WIsconsin’s right wing world. Sorry if that makes Cindy lose some cred!

  12. LOL!

    I have no credibility. Ask anyone.

    And maybe we are all just Fairly Conservative after all. 😉

    Lots to think on from these couple of discussion. I swear I have the best readers around. I appreciate you all very much.

  13. Wow, I’m appalled that Walker has so little savings. No wonder that his wife worries that he has to start making real money.

    After all, one of the most important messages from fiscal conservatives for decades now, one that I applaud, is that his (and my) generation needs to save more. (Not that I have seen other convincing evidence that he is a fiscal conservative.)

    Or perhaps this is more evidence that the college degree does make a difference!

    As for the law allowing campaign funds to be diverted to legal defense, I bet that some lawyer in the legislature made sure to include that clause. This is good reason to restrict political giving, designating donations only for defined purposes.