Congratulations to U.S. Senator Eric Hovde

Oh, I saw a couple of you roll your eyes. But hear me out.

Remember this? Go read this.

Now understand that Freedom Works just endorsed Hovde.

That bloggers like Binversie, Wigderson, and Robinson went in the bag for Hovde in the last week makes more sense now. Those guys play on the inside.

And here I just spent $15 to join the Waukesha County Republicans. I want my party back, dammit.


  1. I’m in the bag for Hovde? Boy, someone misread Tuesday night at Papa’s…

  2. As the JSOnline article said, Freedomworks also tried to oust Hatch and that effort went nowhere.

    I think this is a bad development for Neumann and Fitzy though. Like I said yesterday, it’s a 2 man race.

  3. Yeah, I thought that Kevin was a Tommy supporter… otherwise he would have laughed when I joked about kicking out that one guy cause I thought he worked for Tommy’s campaign. 😉

  4. anyone but fitzy. I was at a tea party rally about a month ago where he made a speech to a group of angry gun toting (which I’m cool with) audience members where he implied he would shoot the protesters who showed up to protest at his house last year. That kind of talk is dangerous.

  5. The uglier this gets, the more it benefits Tommy, because Neumann and Hovde won’t be able to resist going after each other. Their goal, after all, isn’t to keep Tommy from winning; it’s to win themselves. And assuming Tommy can hit high 30’s (a reasonable assumption, I think), Jeff Fitzgerald’s 6-10 percent might be just the insurance policy that Tommy needs. If the Tommy + Fitz number can hit mid-40’s, all the money in the world can’t make the numbers work for Neumann and Hovde.

  6. I’m still in search of the candidate who understands that the federal government is provided on authority by the constitution to be running our schools. Where’s that guy or gal?

  7. Jerry Shown says:

    I’m watching from afar so you’ll have to forgive my undoubtedly overly simplistic take, but why isn’t Neumann doing better?

    Are WI Repubs still upset that he didn’t just get out of the way so Walker could proceed unchallenged in the Gov. primary? It’s not like Walker suffered for it. Besides, this seems like a strange complaint from the party that believes in competition.

    And Thompson polls at 29 among the Tea Party in the Marquette poll? Seems awfully high for a guy that reeks of establishment. Are we sure they really want to remake the GOP and America along with it? Maybe they just want to give him a chance to go back and fill in the doughnut hole.

    RS – maybe your were off base with all those “tea party picks crazies for office” posts.

  8. jimspice says:

    Slogan: “Republican — the best party that money can buy.”

  9. It’s simple. Neumann has hacked off the invisible establishment. He acted too independently by running against the chosen candidate of Scott Walker in 2010 and will never be forgiven. Tommy maintains a generous base but won’t add a voter. He is no longer blessed.

    I can not believe the vitriol I am reading on Facebook about Neumann after today’s announcement. The claims are he’s behind the Club for Growth adverts. Every blogger I know jumped into the the Hovde camp today.

    Wisconsin has some serious “wrapped up” Republican politics. Congratulations to those who have patiently laid the framework.

  10. Well, to be fair here, I don’t think it’s so much that Neumann ran but rather how Neumann conducted himself. Remember, the party was very forgiving to Walker when Walker ran against Mark Green. Of course, Walker was also smart enough to see the writing on the wall in ’06 and bow out when it was clear he wasn’t going to win. Neumann, OTOH, pulled out damn near every ridiculous gimmick and trick in the book back in 2010 even when he was dead in the water in the polls. The stunt with pretending to be locked out of the state convention comes to mind but was hardly the only example of Neumann torking people off.

    Plus, Neumann’s got a terrible persona for politics. He’s never come off as likeable. And granted she was a Feingold intern, but we can all hearken back to the girl Neumann made cry at the ’98 Senate debate in Green Bay for evidence, or his claim that he wouldn’t hire homosexuals in his office and said that if he were elected God for a day, homosexuality wouldn’t be allowed.

    Hovde’s said a few stupid things in this race, to be sure, but he’s mostly a clean sheet. Neumann’s an opposition researcher’s treasure trove of bizarre remarks and dickish conduct. If the GOP wants a one-way ticket to losing a nearly-sure thing, nominating Mark Neumann would be the way to do it. Tommy will win. Hovde can win. Neumann cannot and will not win.

    What’ll be interesting is if CFG keeps throwing money into Wisconsin if they don’t see any pro-Neumann movement as a result of this ad buy. One would think CFG’s true preferred candidate is “not Tommy,” after all. Running ads that blast Hovde could end up hurting their cause more than helping it.

    Kevin might have some insight on this, but I think what’s playing out behind the scenes is more likely some old guard/new guard jockeying. Tommy’s people aren’t Walker’s people and vice versa. And if you were Scott Walker, would you really embrace the return of Wisconsin’s most legendary political persona to the stage? Tommy’s a leader, not a soldier.

  11. RS – Perfect. Absolutely the best discussion I’ve heard on the matter.

    Yes to old guard new guard jockeying.

    Yes to Tommy! as leader not soldier.

    Yes to Neumann’s persona not playing well. The “stunts” as you call them are either a bad campaign decision or indicative of an odd personality quirk.

    However, given what I know about the four candidates, I’m still all in for the unpopular numbers wonk right now who has great support in the current U.S. Senate. Nice guys aren’t going to get us out of this mess. Neumann has the backing of Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. They do stuff I like, and the seem to know what I know about Neumann. He has to potential to be a great ally in the effort to pull us back from the fiscal cliff we’re teetering on nationally.

  12. I have two concerns with Hovde. First, I’d like to know more about his views on trade. He uses words like “fair trade agreements to ensure free flow of goods.” “Fair trade” is often a code word on both the right and left for protectionism.

    Second, and more important, he should change his position on abortion and gay marriage. I don’t like that the Tea Party has been co-opted by the religious fringe. It should be about economic issues only. It would be good to find a candidate who told the crazy wing of the party to shove it, the way Bill Clinton did with the crazy wing of his party in the 1990s. Unfortunately, the GOP confuses “centrist” with “Democrat-Lite” so we get people like Tommy Thompson. And even the “libertarian” wing is dominated by religious crazies like Ron and Rand Paul (who also have relativist foreign policy views).

    If Hovde clarifies his views on trade, and drops all the “family values” nonsense, he’d have my support.

  13. KPOM, Ron Paul is a religious crazy? How exactly? Regardless of your answer, let’s just assume he is a “religious crazy” for the sake of argument. Luckily he is a proven, sound constitutionalist (one of the few), which makes his alieged craziness irrelevant. Sound money, opposition to unconstitutional wars that cost trillions of dollars, thousands of American lives, tens of thousands of innocent lives in the countries why try to spread our exceptionalism to and do more harm than good, getting rid of bureaucracies in the federal govt that have no authority to exist in the first place under the constitution (like the dept. of ed), getting rid of the federal reserve, restoring inalienable rights that are continuously violated by our own govt on our own citizens, etc doesn’t sound crazy or relativist to me. In fact it’s crazy not to believe in these things. Besides most of Ron Paul’s ideas aren’t his anyway. He borrowed most of them from people like Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison, John Locke, etc. So back to my original question/request…please explain how Ron Paul is guilty of your assertions.

    On the Hovde note…I’m on board with you. I want to support him, but there is just something about him that keeps me guessing on issues like the trade issue. I also can’t seem to find what his views are on the role of the federal govt in education. And, I totally agree with you that the tea party needs to drop the family values issue, at least at the federal level for sure. If he was running for a local office or even maybe a state assembly seat, I could see it as perhaps being a little more appropriate. At the federal level however, It’s ok to make your personal views be known, but a good conservative would make clear that as a U.S. Senator, he would not try to legislate morality throughout the land, but instead work on the fiscal issues at hand, rein in spending and bloated govt, and provide for a common defense of our nation.

    One other side note, the tea party needs to wake up to or at least be a little more critical of their anointed one Mr. Walker. This guy is dangerous to liberty and freedom, and I’m not talking about what he’s done with collective bargaining. He’s done a few controversial tea party things like the collective bargaining issue, conceal carry, worker’s rights laws, etc and now the tea party thinks he is one of them and is the chosen one. He’s done far more not so tea party like things that have far undone his token acts of tea partyism.

  14. Ron Paul is anti-abortion, and his foreign policy seems to be driven by the view that Iran is morally equivalent to us. That makes him a religious crazy.

  15. Not pushing back but instead curious as can be Jim Cooper, what would you list as those decisions that are non-tea party approved? I may make a list myself this afternoon.

  16. one blogger now says Gov. Thompson is “too old” to be a US Senator. what is “too old”. not a favorable view of our senior citizens who fought the wars so we can enjoy the greatest civilization in the history of the world.

  17. Randy in Richmond says:

    So being against abortion makes one a “religious
    crazy”? Speaking for myself I can be opposed to abortion that ends the life of 1.2 million Americans each year on just principle and ethics alone. Forget the church and/or Bible.

    Voting 4 times to not allow proper medical care for an aborted human baby that somehow was born alive, now that’s crazy. That’s our President.

  18. Agree with Randy. The irrational people are the ones who think killing a baby is okay if it is hidden inside the mother. “You are little and weak and I can’t see you, so if you are inconveniencing me, I can terminate your life at my whim.”

    So primitive. So illogical.

    Of course, as Randy’s link demonstrates, Obama appears fine with killings of babies that are outside the mother too. So his beliefs are barbaric, but I guess at least you can say they are consistent…. both babies I can see and babies I can’t see can be slain.

  19. BrkfldDad says:

    Slogan: “Democrat — the best party to frivolously waste hard earned and borrowed money.”

  20. Such a nice discussion, and now the single-issue folks crawl out of the woodwork and steer it into the abortion ditch. So sad.

  21. Randy in Richmond says:

    Apparently you are the one under the woodwork. If you were a regular reader here, or either you aren’t paying attention, I discuss many and varied issues. You may not like or agree with what I say but I’ll discuss and debate it with you or anyone.

    Personally this is a post I would not normally comment on. But when someone, anyone, states that being “anti-abortion” makes one a “religious crazy” I’m going to join the discussion. Please refute anything I said in response to the subject that was interjected by someone else.

    What’s sad is your attempt to personalize the discussion, but it’s not surprising.

  22. Not that RinR needs a defender from the playground bully, but I’ve never taken him for a ‘single issue’ voter. And I got to thinking about that charge and can’t really denounce someone who is very passionate about a single issue, and votes accordingly, be it adherence to the Constirution, a vengeance for fiscal resonsibility
    In our government , or being pro-life. Geeze, Recess, Let it Be. Whatever it takes to get folks to vote. I’m all for it.

  23. The Lorax says:

    Don’t argue primitive guys, you’ll lose.

  24. about single issue folks. it is a farce to elect judges becaused of a single issue. chances are that that single issue will never come before a judge. so the judge becomes a …0001 % judge. the rest of the law is obsolete and as long as the single issue judge is elected, to hell with the real estate, family law, torts law, consumer law, probate law and the other thousands of laws and cases that this single issue judge must decide.

  25. What a spirited and lively debate! Ron Paul would be proud of us all. just reading all the posts so my post may seem garbled as I give a hodge podge response to some of the things I’ve read…Scott Walker very establishment…examples: section 44 of act10, nodding and smiling to all of obama’s federal race to the top mandates, executive order 69 which carries out UN agenda21, ACT166 “read to lead” education reform law which equals more testing, untested and unproven methods of assessment, evaluation, teaching, etc. This bill combined with ending collective bargaining gives the govt a centralized monopoly over public education. He set up his education reform task force and appointed the Value Added Research Center of Wisconsin to the force. VARC’s 2 biggest funders are the U.S. Dept. of Ed (no surprise) and the Joyce foundation. Google the Joyce Foundation and lefty terms like gun control, environmentalist, obama, etc….you will discover scary stuff and now thanks to Walker, their money is influencing our kids starting as soon as they enter the classroom. Walker’s dancing relationship with obamacare from Oct 2011 to now. the list goes on. he’s a big govt, establishment farce. However, great politician as he has done just enough to convince the tea party he is one of them…..ok going to post this now and then continue more in another…

  26. ok back to ron paul…..ron paul is totally anti-abortion and as an ob/gyn I think he is certainly entitled to his views. He was forced to watch a late term abortion performed when he was studying to become a doctor. Maybe seeing an innocent human being brutally terminated affected him a bit. That being said, he is still a constitutionalist first and has been as consistent as can be about keeping the federal government out of it. He’s also been pretty clear about his views on marriage as being between one man and one woman. However, again he not only thinks that the fed ought to butt out, but further questions why any government is involved in marriage at any level period. Does he think Iran is morally equivalent to the U.S.? I’ve never heard him say that. I have heard him say that Iran is a sovereign nation and that we have been meddling in their affairs since the 1950’s when we took out their leader and put the Shah in power. I’ve heard him say that if other countries such as China or Iran did to us what we do to them, we’d have a problem with it. I have heard him promote the CIA’s idea of blowback as the primary cause of 9/11. I have heard him warning us of the real estate bubble back in 2001, I have heard him talking about how the federal reserve is destroying our wealth by monetary policy and manipulation. All of this he reminds us is unconstitutional yet we seem to let it happen anyway. Ron Paul Crazy? sounds to me that he might be the only sane one left in DC….which is crazy.

  27. jimspice says:

    KPOM said: “…the Tea Party has been co-opted by the religious fringe.”

    Whoa. Wait a minute. Either it is a “grass roots” movement and these people have been the core since the beginning, or you just admitted that the T-party is, in fact, astroturf.

  28. jimspice, are you responding to KPOM or me. i think most of the tea partiers…at least the ones I know and have talked to are really 2,3, or4 issues max….give us guns, let us buy raw milk, and thump those terrible teachers over the head and you’ve got yourelf a tea partier in wisconsin…oh and voter id’s. very astroturfy

  29. @Jim, the Democrats are the inventors of astroturfing. The Tea Party started out grass roots, but then the Palins and Bachmanns of the world latched onto it.

    Remember, it got its start from anger over the Bush bailouts (which turned into the Obama bailouts), and really got going after the health care law was enacted. It had nothing to do with abortion, or gay marriage, and its link to immigration was tenuous at best.

    The GOP has this infatuation with protectionism that it shares with the far Left. I don’t get it. Illegal immigrants aren’t “stealing our jobs.” They are going back home because we don’t have any jobs left for them. And who cares that the USOC bought team uniforms made in China?

  30. And Preibuses. Still can’t get over how Wisconsin was deprived a true Tea Party experience.

  31. jimspice says:

    Raw milk?! That’s a T-party central tenet? And here I thought it was guns, gods, gays and gonads. Oh yeah, and lower taxes at the point of lowest taxes in the past 70 years.

  32. J. Strupp says:

    Not to split hairs but I think it’s more like 80 years, Jim.

  33. which taxes are we talking about exactly? the obvious ones that have the word tax in them like income tax, sales tax, property tax? at what level of govt? Or are we talking about hidden taxes like vehicle registration, marriage licenses, drivers licenses, hunting, fishing, or maybe the inflation tax caused by the federal reserve? At the end of the day does it matter that we get a little more of our money (which I don’t believe is the case) when the value of it has been so destroyed. Or maybe it’s the tax on American lives we have lost in all of our unjust, unconstitutional wars. Which taxes exactly are at their lowest in 70 to 80 years?

  34. J. Strupp says:

    Effective tax rates. And the “inflation tax” has been hovering around 0-2% for 4 years. If the Fed. is creating inflation, then they are doing a terrible job at it. In fact, “inflation taxes” are “inflation bonuses” at that low level for people who borrow short and lend long.

  35. BrkfldDad says:

    Granted I haven’t watch much tv lately, but was surprised to see the Neumann attack ad on Hovde, linking him to Obama and Doyle. It’s the first negative ad I’ve seen, not a good sign in my mind for Neumann.

  36. Technically it’s not a Neumann advert – It’s Club for Growth. They aren’t, by law, supposed to coordinate anything.

  37. BrkfldDad says:

    Actually, this one begins with Mark Neumann saying he authorizes the message, it’s not a CFG ad.

  38. Whoa. Thanks Bdad. I’ll have to dig around for that.

  39. I just saw that commercial, and didn’t find it egregiously negative, but very much in line with the typical political communique’ for the ‘season’.

    I do wonder how any candidate can respond to an attack, or false representation from another candidate without someone crying ‘Negative!’ in alarm. Quite honestly, I’ve read snipier jabs directed at Neumann and Hodve in every email blast I get from Team MYTommy!; that commercial seemed tame, to me.