It’s April 2011

And our own Ryan Morgan has just nailed the vote problem in Waukesha County. That was such a fun time. More fun, of course, because Prosser finally won.

50.24% to 49.76% if that’s what my scribble means. My family room is starting to look like it did when I was finishing college. Before you know it I’ll have flash cards taped to the kitchen cabinets. (That’s how I memorized formulas for symbolic logic.)

Ok, well now it’s back to July of 2012. I turn 50 in a few days. I have a favor to ask then, but it can wait.

Other news for the day…

State Senator Tim Cullen walked away from the Democrat caucus today. So all that office switching? Yeah, whatever. Seems Senator Cullen didn’t get a committee assignment and it made him sad. Cullen, you might remember, had a brief moment as a Democrat gubernatorial candidate for the recall primary.

I understand his decision completely. In a tightly divided Senate, and an Independent gets courted better than a partisan. Of course, that Senate won’t likely be so tightly divided by the time the end of this year rolls around.

Speaking of rollers, maybe they could use some on all that Senate office furniture. At a minimum I should loan them the couple of sets of those handy magic moving men I have in the house.

Nationally President Obama has decided to push back against the “you didn’t build that” campaign he created by going off the teleprompter the other day. His campaign has launched a three minute video filmed in the White House explaining that, of course, you built that.

Do you think someone’s internals came back indicating the issue is a bit of a problem?

That’s about all I can muster for now. Hope you all are enjoying your summer.