President Barack Obama is racist

Go read for yourself.


  1. Cindy. please use some discretion when you headline your blogs. we know you mean what you say. Since President Lincoln abolished slavery there have been poor people. Well meaning leaders on both sides of the aisle have tried very hard to abolish bigotry. Their efforts are thwarted by adding fuel to the fire. President Bush sent tons of money to Africa to fight aids and wealthy Americans have supported non-profit organizations with their money to help the poor. Of course, it is a major problem but there has been no magic solution. Please find a story line to post with a magic solution. We all agree that welfare recipients should work but we are told by the pols and the media there are no jobs for them.

  2. You know what Dick? I have no problem with that. A racist is one who treats a group of people differently based on the the color of their skin. Read that article and tell me Barack Obama is not a racist.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    There were poor people long before Lincoln.

  4. Randy. right! Cindy. wrong.

    Racists are Romans who thought they were superior to the underclass. Racists are Nazis who thought they were superior to the underclass. Thus the rise of the so-called Master Race. Racists are haters of people who are different from them. This is all a play on the fact that the President is part African-American and the racists resent that. Our country has a history of racial discrimination against the Irish, the Jews, the Italians, the Polish, to mention a few. It is comforting to know that people of that origin help each other make their way in life. of course I saw the link. the days of Joe McCarthy and Father Coughlin are coming back. the etinic groups in the USA have always bonded together. nothing new ! BTW, racism has no political boundaries and is not even a political issue. it is an issue of hating a race of people that are considered lower class and from the other side of the tracks. and with all the progress having been made the sitting President will not be re-elected. remember, all our ancestors were poor people during the great depression regardless of race, color or creed. the present generation knows nothing about bread and soup lines to stay alive. I thought we learned somethng when we treated Indians like savages and killed their women and children. this upcoming presidential election brings out the worse in the candidates and does nothing to be proud of. yet, when I hear some people bash the fiber of our democracy in our great republic I say get a permanent passport and do not come back. as in the classic South Pacific ” you got to be taught to hate like your relatives hate”. (not a verbatum quote). long huh. then try watching O’Reilly Bill or Mathews Chris on TV. we all have the right to privacy to be with those we choose and grant others the same right.

  5. Racism is an issue in this country. How do we solve it? Well, it does start by everyone accepting everyone for who they are. But there’s more to it. We have to stop holding events just for hispanics, blacks, and those of color only. Groups like the NAACP have to be dismantled – no group should be exclusive to just one racial group or non-inclusive of anyone in society, that’s racist. Laws shouldn’t be made that purposely only impact certain ethnic groups. Once everyone, every group, every law, every person doesn’t give a rat’s you know what about another person’s color, then racism will be eliminated in this country. Ending racism is not about giving those who are minorities benefits and making them feel entitled to them, it’s about accepting everyone as an equal human being. Sadly, we will never reach a state in this country where racism doesn’t exist – history will always repeat itself, and even if we reduce the amount of racism in this country, it will always be there – just like the Nazis.

  6. J. Strupp says:

    So to work through our racism problem in this country we need to shut down the NAACP? Interesting.

  7. I was actually mistaken, the NAACP is not exclusive to black people. I just found out that the President and CEO is a white person, and that many people that are part of it are actually white. My apologies for my ignorance.

    The point of my message was that we can never fully erase racism in this country. It just will never happen in our lifetime.

  8. I find it immensely amusing the high-paying positions of CEO and President of the NAACP are help by whites.

  9. in this day and age there is commentary about the Nazi super power from those who were not alive before and during WWII. their objective was to spread, with force, hatred and fear of other human beings, some in certain religious and ethnic groups and some who were not. the German Bund operated openly in the US in support of Adolph Hitler, until war was declared. my take is that there are more minority ethnic and religious groups in our country that face discrimination and are not included in the civil rights laws. Private organizations not funded by the feds come in all types and sizes. (fraternal organizations; mens groups; womens groups; sports groups; social groups and the like. just because they blend together they are not racist. benefits for the poor and needy are and should be available for all citizens of the USA. when we take food to church for the food shelters we have no control where it goes. when we send packages to the military for distribution we have no control where it goes. even though I believe that Romney will be elected, the Obamma for the blacks and hispanics scare is an obvious attempt to demean his character, and it will work. but the scars and wounds will cut deep.