It’s my birthday.

My 50th birthday! And because I’m old and cranky you have to give me money.

Ok, not me exactly, but if I’ve ever hacked you off or made you laugh or caused you to roll your eyes or throw something, well, you owe me. 🙂

I want to build a library near Antingua, Guatemala. I’ve been saving for a few months. If you would be so kind, I will put your $10 (or more) towards the task. Construction is still more than a year out, but the funds need to be there first.

Come on. You can do it! Head to this website and in the right column click “gift in honor of” and pretend you like me at least as much as your favorite wine. Or a good six pack of microbrew. Or a cheap bottle of gin?

Oh, just go do it. You’ll be as happy about it as I will. This is a great cause.



  1. A Belated Very Happy Birthday to my favorite blog maven! Sorry I missed it yesterday– didn’t spend much time in the digital arena. Here’s to a productive and blessed year for you!

  2. 50 is the new 40,which is the new 30, which is the new 20! Did you get carded at the restaurant? 🙂

  3. KPOM, I love you. Just don’t tell anyone. Ok?

  4. To the whole world: Cindy Kilkenny of Brookfield, Wisconsin LOVES ME! 🙂