Well, it’s August 1

I know. I said I’d have something done. It’s not done. I am pleased (and really, I am pleased) to say it’s half done. As in 15,000 words.

I will also confess it is so much more work than I ever imagined.

June was a wash with the kid home. She’s back at the end of August. I’d really like to have the bulk of it finished by then. Notice I’m using the word “hope” now. No way I’m making promises these days.

But you know what? I like it better than I did a month ago. I sent the first two “chapters” (sections?) off for someone to read and they were rather strongly critiqued as too clinical. (My word, not the reviewer’s.) I was being too careful. I needed to go back to being me.

I thought a little while about starting completely over, but decided instead I would go back to them later. After a few weeks of pouting I finally moved forward with a strict plan that four days a week I get up, drink coffee and do nothing but write until 500 words are logged. They don’t have to be good, they don’t even have to be coherent, but they have to be on the screen. No Facebook, no watching the markets open, no morning chats with friends, no food – nothing but coffee until those first 500 make it down. (I have needs. Coffee is one of them.)

(Oh, and the whole thing sounds so easy because I’m already at 230 or so for this post but trust me, it can be very hard.)

After then I get on with the day and come back for the second 500 before I’m allowed my evening adult beverage of choice. No words? No beverage.

So you see, when you finally get a chance to read the darn thing, you’ll be able to know that if not for the human need for food and drink it would never have been written.

BTW, I need to get back to work.

Tomorrow I will attempt a genuine and hopefully coherent post on just exactly what’s left to accomplish in Wisconsin and how the governor and legislature might get there.

In the meantime just think of me as the ox at the grindstone.