The undecided WI Senate race voter

I joked the other day that none existed. I found one.

With his permission:

It is now August and I still don’t know who I’m voting for in the Wisconsin GOP U.S. Senate primary. So candidates and surrogates, now is the time to make your pitch for my vote. Based on polling, I’d say I’m not alone in this quandary as there are a good number of undecided voters. Also the candidate percentages have been fluctuating, showing that people are fluidly changing their vote between various candidates. Here are some of my thoughts about this race and the primary candidates.

Go read that link. There are some interesting points.


  1. Gov. Thompson will win

  2. Great article. Well-balanced. Even though I came out for Tommy, I pretty much feel the same way as the author all the way around.

  3. The idea that Tommy’s endorsement might have a trickle up effect and help Romney was an interesting one. I don’t think it is a huge factor, but I bet there is a certain cohort of people out there who would not show up to vote for Baldwin, Neumann, Romney, or Obama but would show up to vote for Tommy, and while he’s there, would be more likely to cast for Mitt than Obama.

  4. Always a tough one; root for the the most extreme conservative because, in theory, he’ll be easier to beat, or for the moderate because he’ll do less damage if he wins the general. Whoa ever thunk I’d say “GO TOMMY!”

  5. Patrick Morse says:

    Fitzgerald will get my vote in 10 days. I thought of Tommy but no. I thought of Neumann but can’t. I took a look at Hovde & will not.

  6. It dawned on me just now that I usually have a good idea of who will be winning. I’ll still be voting Neumann, but as far as calling the race? I haven’t heard anyone do it with any confidence. I really do think Hovde just dug his own grave.