Raw, but hopeful

I hate what happened in Wisconsin yesterday. I’d hate it happening anywhere, but since we have the other Sikh temple in the area a couple of blocks from my house, it feels personal. I see someone from that community many days when I’m walking to the store. (I walk to the grocery store. Yes, I’m weird like that, but it’s close and I need the exercise and don’t mind the outing, especially when the weather is as fine as it has been this summer.)

Our family learned some about the community when one of our kids went to school with twins who are members. One had made the decision to join the temple community as a full male member meaning there would be some new rules for him, and the other chose the secular route. Our son, as we are curious people, and I did a little research to see what that meant. We’ve always talked religion around here, especially comparative religion. One of the kids has a theology degree from Marquette.

So that’s why when something happens in such a senseless manner based in the hate of misunderstanding, I’m saddened. We pride ourselves as a country that we are so capable, but obviously we’ve missed when it comes to understanding minorities and minority religions.

Two last thoughts. First, I really liked this opinion piece by Faheem Younus of The Baltimore Sun. I don’t concur that we need to roll over and change the gun laws, in fact I plan to train to carry this fall, but I agree completely that America can be proud of the defense of all people by our community police officers.

Next, consider doing something really unusual this weekend. The Sikh community opens their service to anyone. I think I’m going to try to go this weekend. Let me know if you might like to as well.

Oh, and FC readers might recognize a name in this Patch story by Lisa Sink. Let me know if you do.


  1. So after Hurrican Katrina I vowed I would never WAIT for others to act should an awful occasion ever arise again. So I put together the site site, and then was like, now what? I felt it was rather presumptuous to assume it was my place to act. Well as luck would have it, the Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee has stepped forward (I’ve done some web work for them) after talking to reps from the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin and arranged to accept online donations for the temple’s official Victims’ Memorial Fund. So, please visit http://www.SikhHelp.org to donate and share widely.

  2. You’re a good man, Jimspice.