With a week to go, WI Senate race is interesting

No, I’m not changing my mind. I’m still completing the line for Mark Neumann in the Republican primary on Tuesday, August 14th. Yes, he’s still my favorite candidate. No, he’s not perfect. Yes, I think Neumann will defeat Democrat Tammy Baldwin. No, I still don’t have any money into the game. (You know I don’t do that. It’s senseless to be a girl who’d love to have money out of politics and then toss money at a candidate.)

But here’s the interesting part: others are changing their allegiance from Eric Hovde to Jeff Fitzgerald. The latest poll showed a three-way tie between Hovde, Neumann, and Tommy Thompson. Theoretically, a shift from Hovde to Fitzgerald who stood at only 13% would make the race between Neumann and Thompson. Except Hovde is now running attack advertisements against Thompson on the healthcare mandates.

Neumann has picked up the Tea Party Express endorsement along with their money for a little advertising support.

You know what? This rodeo isn’t over yet.

I have a long history of always voting for the loser so part of me wants to vote Fitzgerald as well just to let Neumann stand a chance. But in any event, it appears Neumann indeed has one. We’ll know for sure in a few days.

Here’s another tidbit to let roll around in your mind. Last Friday the big news was the MJS article that allowed the illusion Governor Scott Walker was leaning towards Tommy Thompson. I’m thinking that may be the piece set up to give Walker the “I did everything I could” argument to Thompson without actually endorsing. I think, (yes, I know, here I go again) that Walker, as part of the Walker/Ryan/Priebus trio, would much rather see Hovde take the nomination.

Hovde has all the money in the world to throw at this thing, and that would leave the RNC resources for places like Virginia. Neumann might be an acceptable alternative since he’s managed to wrap up some nice endorsements on his own. (Oh, and btw I heard his campaign blew the Freedom Works endorsement by not returning phone calls. Don’t get me started on my lackluster enthusiasm for the campaign Neumann’s put together.) Plus, Neumann also has a reasonable check book balance. He’s no Hovde, but there are more than peanuts to play. Tommy Thompson will almost certainly expect RNC money and even more difficult to produce, adoration, if he’s the nominee.

If Fitzgerald wins the RNC will have no choice but to swoop in and save the day with millions and millions they wanted to spend elsewhere.

There you go. Housewife politics. I do wonder now that Owen Robinson has capitulated, even if he doesn’t do it in his paper column, who else will follow. Brookfield Mayor Steve Ponto appears to be firmly backing Thompson by the Facebook photos I get. Several “good” Republicans in my neighborhood have Hovde signs in the yard.

Yee haw and pass the popcorn. It’s going to be a long week.


  1. My track record on voting for winners is pretty bad too. Man… if Neumann wins… maybe even Gary Johnson has a chance!

  2. I find it interesting that those who really dislike Neumann have been quite quiet about the negative ads of Thompson & Hovde. I guess even in the Republican party what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander.

  3. Walker ran a ton of negative ads too, after Neumann did. I think a lot of people just keep track of who drags the primary into the mud and cut some slack to those who punch back once it is there.

    Having said that, I still think Fitzgerald can come out of nowhere and win this thing, especially if the other 3 keep pounding on each other so mercilessly.

  4. I don’t know who I’m voting for yet. No one excites me and any of the Republicans could win.

  5. I’d forgotten the Tea Party Express supported Scott Walker, too.


  6. Gov. Thompson will win.

  7. Mr. Bean says:

    First of all, I’m a Neumann supporter. I went on the Neumann for Senate website thinking there would be an address to pick up a yard sign or a phone number to call, but apparently not so. There is no contact page.

    Come on guys, you can’t run this campaign just on the airwaves.