Desperation Continues

Here’s a new ad from the Obama Super Pac, Priorities USA.

Seems like a pretty effective ad on the surface. Only thing is they left out a few facts. Romney left Bain in 1999 to run the Salt Lake City Olympics. GST Steel declared bankruptcy in 2001. Romney had been gone for 2 years. When was Soptic laid off? 2001. When did his wife die? In 2006. When did she mention her illness? -after the plant closed.

And perhaps the most telling omission of all. Who was the Managing Director at Bain in 2001 when GST Steel went bankrupt? One Jonathan Levine, a bundler for: Barack Obama.

Please don’t bring up the Romney ad that leaves out the highways and bridges sentence. Remember Obama says “you didn’t build that” in referring to one’s business. “That” is a singular pronoun whereas if referring to ‘bridges and highways’ he would have used “those“-the plural of that.

And who made the decision not to see a doctor? As the truth of this ad becomes more apparent it will sway no one. Oh, the choir will sing because it chimes their message. Blaming any CEO or manager (including Levine) for the microcosms of their employees is foolhardy–especially when they are no longer involved with the company or something happens after the company closes down–for any reason. What a crock that our President would continue to allow trash like this to be published. Oh, that’s right. He’s already looked straight at us before and lied.


  1. This is showing Bain is all they got.

  2. The quality of the political ads for all parties and politicians has diminished to so much that a voter should ignore all of them. yes, I really mean that. Money buys ads and ads help elect our government leaders! I cannot remember a TV ad that convinced me of anything. i.e., we have the best and most intelligent economists in the world and suddenly one day a politician announces that he/she will save millions of dollars. that cannot be true. TV political ads have no more substance than TV commercials to sell weight loss. they ain’t worth getting riled up over.

  3. Randy in Richmond says:

    Now we know that Joe Soptic’s wife had a job at a Savers Thrift Store where she did have health insurance. It is being reported she was laid off from that job in 2002 or 2003, which if true separates Bain Capital from Soptic’s wife’s health insurance.

    Also this isn’t the first ad Soptic has appeared in for Barack Obama. In May of this year he was also in this ad:

    That old adage about, “once you tell a lie, you need more lies to cover the lie,” is catching up to Mr. Coptic.

  4. Cindy. for all politicians it is a custom to tweak the facts in one manner or another. maybe the union guy should release his tax returns and his golf scores.