Riding hardtail

It happens now and then. I get completely fed up with Wisconsin politics and want to tell everyone off. I’ll warn you: this Senate primary still has me ticked.

The other day I opened my Facebook page to see a bunch of bloggers go off, once again, on how nasty Mark Neumann was. Seriously? Mark Neumann – the guy I blush in front of when I say the word “crap” – is nasty? I can not figure out why in the world it has become so cool to be a Neumann hater. And you know what? When I specifically ask, neither can they.

This group of mostly guys reminds me of the grade school group who decided to wear their baseball caps backwards and spit and scratch and convince others to wear their baseball caps backwards and then can’t remember why they do it. When it’s game time they won’t turn the bills around to protect their eyes from the sun. In the end, they look stupid instead of cool.

Yes. They remind me exactly of that group of grade school boys.

Take two minutes folks to remember that when you are adoring Paul Ryan, you should thank Mark Neumann. Neumann identified Ryan’s potential when Neumann was in Congress and Ryan was a staffer on Capitol Hill. Neumann told Ryan his seat would be open as Neumann ran for the Senate against Feingold. (Oh, that group of school boys thought a run against Feingold was just swell at the time.) And Neumann mentored Ryan on the nation’s budget. The same thinking that everyone loves Ryan for these days.

Neumann managed a miserable budget mess once before, you know. He was part of the group of Congressional leaders who together with a President that got out of the way, moved this nation into a balanced budget.

Why in the world would a group of whiny bullies complain about that track record?

Now all the cool kids are going to waste their vote next Tuesday on Jeff Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald, I am told, is a rather nice guy. Unfortunately, he has not mounted a serious campaign for the Senate. Toss your vote to him and Tommy! the moderate, the classic go-along-to-get-along guy wins. When that bully group is in the corner of the playground sniffling and wiping their little wet, dirty faces because Tommy! stayed in bed with big pharma on the next healthcare bill, well, I’ll be mad then, too. It shouldn’t be allowed to happen.

So Wisconsin, I will find a Harley analogy that seems to be so important during campaign season around here. Gets your backsides on a hardtail and get through the ride. Discipline yourselves to do the right thing for this state, for this country, and vote for the only genuine conservative in this Senate race with a shot at winning in November.

On Tuesday, vote for Mark Neumann.


  1. I’ve said it time and time again. The only reason that people are upset with Neumann is because he dared to go against the Party and run a primary against Walker, instead of doing as he was told, and simply letting the party anoint Walker.

    These are the Republicans who claim that competition in business is key to success… and yet they forget that competition is key to success in many other places too.

    Though… Mark Neumann apparently did a terrible job mentoring Paul Ryan, because Ryan ended up going with the crowd and voting for Medicare Part D, NCLB, TARP, the Auto Bailouts… all of which were budget busters.

    In fact, the only time that Paul Ryan has advocated for shrinking the budget is when he’s been part of the minority. When he’s been in the majority, he’s done everything he could to balloon the budget. Not a great track record.

  2. I, too, support Mark Neumann. He’s a consistant, proven conservative who should have run for U.S. Senate in 2010 instead of governor. But, alas, he’s now in his element and we know he’ll do a good job standing up to Republican leadership in the U.S. Senate instead of pining after their affections.

    As for Eric Hovde, we just don’t really know where he comes from or what he stands for. Sure, the soundbites sound great, the commercials are slick, and from a campaign management perspective, it appears he’s done all the right things. Operationally and strategically, very well executed on all fronts.

    There’s just one problem, in my view he’s not one of us. He’s one of them. He’s one of the Washington, D.C. elite who will go back to Washington, D.C. and pine after the favor of Republican leadership in the U.S. Senate who make him take votes that are not in America’s – or Wisconsin’s best interests.

    You cannot always believe the packaging, folks. You have to tear off the pretty wrapping and look inside the box.

    There’s a reason why Eric Hovde didn’t sign the Americans for Tax Reform pledge not to raise taxes. Instead, Eric Hovde signed his own pledge. Nothing like making up your own rules, huh?

    Fellow conservatives, we’ve been here before. Although President George W. Bush was a nice man and a whole lot better than current President Barack Obama, let us remember what kind of trouble this “compassionate conservative” (nice wrapping paper) got us in. Under President Bush’s administration, federal spending rose from $1.9 trillion to $3.2 trillion, roughly a 70% increase in just 8 years. You can blame the war on terror I suppose, but hindsight is certainly 20/20 and I believe a lot of conservatives are now questioning these wars we got ourselves into over the past decade.

    There is no more room for luke warm or unknown conservatives. You have to remember that actions speak louder than words or pretty packaging. The next few years are critical to saving this country. If you want to know what will happen to this country if we don’t do anything about the debt or the lack of jobs, then just look overseas at countries like Spain and Greece. That’s what’s coming here.

    You need someone that will stand up to the powers that be in Washington, D.C.

    So I guess my message is this, go with who you know to be a true conservative, even if you don’t like the guy. In this case, that’s Mark Neumann.

  3. Cindy. It is about time someone called out those whiners, grudge-holding, thin-skinned Neumann haters for what they are: Sore Winners. Everyone who has parented, mentored a child, coached a team knows that teaching sportsmanship builds character and that the only thing worse tha a Sore Loser is a Sore winner. It is so unbecoming to act like that and proclaim to be a conservative who cares about Wisconsin and our Country

    I watched Mark’s entire interview with the Journal Sentinal’s editorial board. I challenge anyone who falls for the grade school boy mentality that CK so aptly exposes to watch the interview. Wow! Neumann’s exudes statesmanship and extreme (and in comparison to the other candidates, unparalleled)competence for the national issues we face. He is a graceful ‘loser’, acknowledging Scott Walker’s leadership as Governor in an honest manner several times throughout the interview. It is clear Mark Neumann is a man of character. Any clear-thinking voter, devoid of immature or peer-pressure party alliances, can watch that exchange and actually see the man, and not be influenced by the hater-hype swirling about against Neumann. It is time voters invest in the effort to scrutinize each candidate indepently, and not be just part of the back-stabbing hate gang.

    Nick. I’d be quite surprised if Mark Neumann schooled Mr Ryan in the fiscal approach you describe; it does appear tha Ryan swims in the Washington waters at times, yet another reason to send the Mentor back to DC. Neumann must be having Yogi moments, feeling like it is “Deja Vu all over again.”, and it is exactly why it is so vitally important we send the right Conservative to Washington. Mark Neumann is that choice.

  4. Fred (RDW) says:

    Neumann turned people off by his lack of campaign ethics.

    There are three other good candidates here, implying that liking one of them instead of your preferred candidate is distatseful.

    We all make up our own minds by our own criteria. I’ll not insult you for yours despite you insulting mine.

  5. “Lack of campaign ethics” that you can’t articulate.

    Pull your cap around, Fred. You look silly.

  6. Exactly as CK says. Point proven, yet again, Blogmaven Kilkenny. 🙂

  7. Oh, isn’t it fun to digress to 4th grade playground mentality? If you can’t articulate, you flagrantly smear and name-call. Sand-kicking next?

  8. It’s funny that most of these guys, whom I like, seem so sensitive. When I listen to them talk and read their blogs, it seems they like a bit of the down & dirty. Heck some of them even brag about their own exploits.

    By the way I support Neumann also.

  9. Fred (RDW) says:

    I have articulated them before Cindy.

    Would you like a laundry list again?

    I’d be happy to go dig them out but you’d just pull the hear no speak no see no routine as usual.

    I’ll just remind you of one. Showing up at the state convention and complaining he and his supporters were not allowed inside. All he or they had to do was register. I know, I know you don’t care.

    How can you tell how I am wearing my cap with your blinders on?

  10. Fred (RDW) says:

    Sam, I respect your opinion as I know you do mine.

  11. “All they had to do was register.” That easy, huh?

  12. Hah!? That easy? No. I attended my first convention this year. The county chair here was a bit on the non-responsive side, ( a Tommy! Guy I later learned and I was very upfront about being a Neumann supporter) and was not direct in providing info on what local restrictions there were for registering ( attending a certain meeting seemed to be an unpublished requirement) so, several folks that I know who wanted to attend and register were ‘barred’ from convention registration. Oh, but that same county chair could make ‘exceptions’ and allow some people in to the convention past the (unpublished, or just not communicated to me) registration deadline. I felt like it was a racket run by insiders.

    And Fred, you seem to not be able to accept that there were first hand accounts of that incident you described. The Neumann supporters wanted to go just into the lobby area, and not the convention hall itself. Others were let in to that area without convention badges but the Neumann supporters were turned away and resorted to standing outside on the sidewalk. So you can go ahead and disseminate your version of reality, but I think discerning voters see past your antics and negative campaigning for your guy and will make an honest vote, despite your jabs.

  13. Fred (RDW) says:

    Please RL please explain my “antics”, and while you are at it please tell me who “my guy” is. And while you are at it please provide examples of negative campaigning in this race by me for your perception of who “my guy” is.

    So RL, you think people should just be able to crash an event and make all the noise they want without registering or participating in the cost for said event… And you are questioning me?

    All rightie then.

  14. Fred (RDW) says:

    ““All they had to do was register.” That easy, huh?”.

    Yeah. Register, pay the fee and in you go.

    But according to RL it isn’t dirty politics to not register, be refused and then complain about not being allowed to enter.

  15. Fred. How you are being now. That’s your antics. And reality is only your version of reality. Fine. Enjoy your yourself, by yourself. I tried to communicate with you; apparently I’m invalid.

  16. “vote for the only genuine conservative in this Senate race with a shot at winning in November.”

    I totally understand that sentiment, but again, I prefer to vote for a 90% conservative who I am pretty confident WILL win in November vs. a 99% conservative who has “a shot”. But that’s just me.

  17. Gov. Thompson will win.

  18. Dick, you are probably correct.

  19. Bull crap RL. You said I was advocating and attacking for my candidate, who is my candidate?

    Cindy started this by attacking those with a different view than hers. And somehow I am the bad guy? You make lots of accusations you can not back up.

    Go back and read this post and my responses… You are being “that way”, not me.

  20. Fred. I named no names. You intimated yourself.

  21. Fred, I’m sure you are a really nice and likeable guy in person. I just can’t communicate with you and it is not worth my time to try to figure out how you think. Have a good night.

  22. listened to most of the debate. no fireworks at all. you’d think there was really just 1 Republican candidate…. call him Tomic Neugerald.

    The only thing that stood out at all is Tommy’s closing statement. No bull. Bascially said: I’ve won statewide 5 times. Big. This is no the time to mess around. Tammy would be a disaster and I am the best bet to stop that nightmare from happening.

    Guy might be old, but I think he’s right. And the fact that no one challenged him on it means Dick is going to be right, as well.

  23. Didn’t challenge Dick because everyone believes their candidate will win. The JS link to the online chat during the debate had people saying Fitz was going to win and I can’t find the logic in that. There is a path to winning for the other three, and the only two that can beat Tammy are Neumann and Tommy!, I think. The Dems would have a heyday with Hedgefund Hodve. And with his hair-trigger temper, he’s sure to blow up at Tammy and she’ll get mileage from his lack of anger-management.

  24. Perhaps we do know how to pick ’em, CK.

  25. I just came across this article and am wondering what response the Tommy! supporters have. While the article is questioning Hodve’s Conservative credentials, Thompson does not come across much better.

    “….Thompson was a public advocate for collective bargaining in government. For instance, in a promotional video on labor management “best practices” put together by the WSEU and the state Department of Employment Relations in 1999, Thompson emphasized his goal to “create the strongest possible partnership between management and organized labor in state government.”

    “During my tenure as governor, I have worked very closely with Marty Beil as well as the other unions to form this partnership,” he said. “Together, we are creating an important labor-management legacy for Wisconsin.”

    That legacy, of course, was made practically irrelevant by Walker, who all but eliminated the ability of unions to bargain over the very issues they exist to address, such as working conditions, benefits and pay scale….”


    “The attacks Thompson and Hovde are trading display the vulnerabilities the candidates share. Both have spent the last major chapter of their lives in Washington, D.C., profiting off of politically toxic businesses — lobbying and Wall Street.

    In ultimate insider language, Thompson defended the donations he made to two Democratic candidates as “courtesy contributions.”

    Similarly, using logic utterly foreign to the typical voter, Hovde said he couldn’t remember the $500 check he wrote to Doyle’s campaign in 2005, reasoning that the large number of checks he signs in a day makes it hard for him to remember such a trivial thing.

    Democrats have made clear they think Hovde is a target too good to be true in a general election. But increasingly, many Democrats also doubt that Thompson would be the formidable candidate he once appeared to be.

    “He’s not your father’s Tommy Thompson,” said one Democratic operative.”
    I actually find myself agreeing with “one Democrat operative” on this.