Romney/Ryan Rally Thoughts

Just a little bit about each of the speakers….  let me preface this by saying I’m purely talking in terms of how well they did in this “rally” setting.  Obviously, there’s a lot more to being in government than being a good cheerleader… I get that.

Sensenbrenner:  The most memorable part of Jim’s talk was that he botched the details of Ryan’s Medicare plan, saying that it wouldn’t impact any seniors age 65 and older (the true age is of course 55)…. the ladies standing near me were quite irritated he would botch something that figures to be so central to the campaign.  Other than that, seemed enthusiastic  Part of me wonders if Waukesha county isn’t ready for some fresh blood.

Petri:  Clearly not a rah-rah kind of guy.  The flattest performance of the evening.  After these two led off, I quipped to those around me “I think we just found out why Romney picked Paul Ryan and not one of the other Congressmen from Wisconsin.” 🙂

Ribble:  Fiery and effective, although he had a pretty easy act to follow.

Duffy:  Did great… I guess those reality shows are good training 🙂  Did get tripped over his words a couple times, but still came off as quite pollished.

Van Hollen:  Wow, this was really interesting and surprising to me.  He waited awhile to start because the crowd was chanting “Voter ID” so loudly, clearly frustrated by the fact it appears the bill that was passed will not be put into law before November.  He seemed shocked he was getting such a hostile reception, but honestly, I thought he recovered pretty well, stressing he is doing everything he can do to get voter ID enacted and emphasizing his effort to stop Obamacare.

Kleefisch:  This sort of environment is what she is made to thrive in and thrive she did.

Johnson and Walker were solid and pretty much exactly what you would expect.

Paul Ryan seemed genuinely emotional to be back in Wisconsin.  You can see that he’s going to get to play the role of attack dog quite  a bit, while Romney stays more diplomatic.

Romney did quite well…. I thought he did an exquisite job of handling the heckler.  What was most heartening to me is that the crowd has really bought in.  I was worried that even if Romney picked a more conservative Republican, there was a faction of the party that STILL wouldn’t trust him.  There was no evidence of that here.  No idea what the final attendance was, but the thousands of Wisconsin Republicans are clearly fired up about this race…. it is going to be very close and it may well decide the presidency.  So get cracking on those “other avenues” you can explore to get that voter ID bill into law, JP.  It might just decide the future of the country.


  1. I didn’t get in until Kleefisch…evidently I missed the part about needing a ticket…

    Of the ones that I heard, I agree with your assessment of the speakers

  2. Very astute.

  3. The Democrats are ecstatic about Romney’s selection of Ryan. I’ve already gotten 4 campaign e-mails from the Obama campaign (vs 1 from the Romney campaign). Now they can argue that the GOP wants to take away your Social Security to give tax cuts to the billionaires. It’s a campaign theme that plays well for them. Of course, since the GOP lacks any moral spine, they are powerless to counter such an attack.

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    What a ridiculous comment.

    Getting 4 requests from the Obama administration for donations is a continuing sign of desperation, not strength. “NOW” they can argue the GOP wants to take away your Social Security” ?–where have you been in the past months. Have you not been listening or seen ads like the one with a Ryan looking guy pushing grandma in a wheelchair off a cliff?

    And the “GOP lacks any moral spine?” Next to who? You are kidding , right?

    No, the GOP isn’t perfect but I submit the alternative is much worse. Your veiled criticisms of the right and Republicans have exposed your true convictions so now we can read your thoughts with an awareness of from which direction your political philosophy flows.

  5. After waiting for over an hour just to drive that last mile, we arrived at the end of Sensenbrenner’s speech. Saw quite a few Illinois license plates. The people in back of us came from West Bend. This was a big deal.

    Rebecca Kleefisch was a dynamo; Reince Priebus was fired up too! The mood was quite dampened with JB though. (Good thing Republicans are polite.) And yes, we are ready for those “other avenues”.

    Ryan and Romney compliment each other so well. They make a great team.

  6. KPOM – What Randy said!

    Man, don’t be grumpy yet. I know by now in your world the glass is always half empty, but dang it! Find some enthusiasm. Your bad attitude won’t change the lineup one bit. Go be the change you seek.

  7. How could I forget Mr. Priebus! Probably a close 2nd to Rebecca in his ability to fire up the crowd… that’s a big part of his job, so that’s partially to be expected, but still should not be taken for granted (Mr. Steele had the job too and he wasn’t particularly good at firing up a crowd).

    “Ryan and Romney compliment each other so well. They make a great team.”

    Yep, agree 100%

  8. Rhonda, your iPad doesn’t allow the script that lets the video show. Try this link and it should open for you under the YouTube option:

  9. To have a true Wisconsin person in such an important situation is certainly something to be proud of. maybe this will put the Joe McCarthy legend to rest. sure hope so. time will tell. this election campaign will extend the polarization even more. sad but true. there is no great compromisor on the scene so we remain a country split down the middle. why does it always take a war to have a meeting of the minds ? this time avoiding a war is our greatest priority, regardless who has the most money. we now have a challenge to strive for peace or the destruction will be massive. well, we all know that, but who will do something about it ?

  10. Well, said Mr. Steinberg.

  11. I disagree, Ryan. Paul Ryan costs Romney the votes of seniors, who will be too easily swayed into believing that Ryan wants to take away their Social Security. His views on abortion will also drive away a lot of women. Most people support abortion at least in the cases of rape and incest. While Ryan’s views might play well in the bible belt, I doubt they will play well in the swing states.

  12. Ryan Morgan says:

    You might want to take a closer look at some actual polling on Paul Ryan. Seniors are actually his strongest group:

    As for the social issues, Ryan is very conservative on those issues, but unlike a Santorum or Sam Brownback, he is not terrible outspoken. Furthermore, Ryan correctly recognizes that the human suffering that will be caused by our debt crisis going unaddressed is one of the biggest social issues of our day.

  13. J. Strupp says:

    Sounds like Ryan should be campaigning with Romney in Florida instead of the Iowa State Fair.

  14. Because clearly there’s no old people in Iowa….

  15. J. Strupp says:

    Ryan, Ryan 🙂

    So Floria has a excellent chance of being the decisive state in this election and Romney thinks that his vice-presidential choice should be stumping in Iowa at the very time that Romney can get the biggest bang for his buck.

    If the Romney people thought Ryan was such an asset to winning the senior vote, Paul Ryan would be holding hands with his running mate down in Miami right now. Last time I checked, Florida has a few more electoral votes up for grabs than Iowa.

  16. @J. Strupp, I think you are right about the analysis of Ryan’s candidacy. It’s a blatant attempt by Romney to solidify the base. However, I don’t think it helps him with independents. Women, for one, are suspicious of someone who supports “personhood” laws.