No commentary, just predictions

I’ll start:

Thompson 35% Neumann 26% Hovde 21% Fizgerald 18%
Add your guess in the comments.


  1. Thompson 41% Hovde 23% Neumann 22% Fitzgerald 14%

  2. The Lorax says:

    Hovde 34
    Thompson 30
    Neumann 22
    Fitzgerald 14

  3. Ryan Morgan says:

    Lorax: I know I said no commentary, but do you know something we don’t?

  4. Ryan. You got it right

  5. I predict a recount. 🙂

  6. Dang, Mr. Bean, you’re good…

  7. The Lorax says:

    Just a hunch.

    Edit: Did some reflection and want to tweak my numbers a bit… I know, indecision is not a virtue.

    Hovde 32
    Thompson 30
    Neumann 26
    Fitzgerald 12

  8. Recount for 2nd place, Dean?

  9. x – 33%
    y, y, y – 22%, 22%, 22%

  10. Thompson by a nose over Hovde. 34, 32, Neumann 20, and Fitz with 14

  11. The Lorax says:

    Dean wins. Tommy is mopping the floor with Hovde at this point.

  12. Hey! I’m doing ok with x at 33%!

  13. The Lorax says:

    Guesses after the polls closed and results trickling in for an hour don’t count, sorry!

  14. That’s ok. I think it best to turn the blog over to Ryan anyway. 🙂

  15. Mr. Bean, Almost…

  16. I can support Tommy, but he needs a better speechwriter.

  17. I hear Tommy has always needed a better speechwriter…

  18. Maybe I am overly sensitive to these things, but I know Tommy can give a better speech than that. Now, on the other hand, Eric Hovde gave a great speech. Well done, and classy too.

  19. If you average together the 3 guesses made before 6PM, you get Thompson 35, Hovde 26, Neumann 22, Fitz 15. That’s low on Hovde, but overall pretty solid and much better than any one of the 3 guesses on their own. It’s always funny how that works…. get some people with independent opinions and the collective wisdom of all of them can be pretty useful.

  20. So glad to have that one over.

    Congratulations Ryan. You are two for two (Romney and Thompson) this season.

  21. Yeah, that never happens… 🙂

  22. I was really shocked the Novack won the Clerk race… another one I voted for. She just seemed like the most competent from what I was reading… who did you vote for in that race?

  23. Someone who didn’t win. 😉

  24. BrkfldDad says:

    I’d love to see some post-election analysis on the Brookfield numbers the Patch posted:

    3,433 votes: Thompson
    3,133 votes: Hovde
    1,620 votes: Fitzgerald
    1,150 votes: Neumann

    Granted Waukesha tends to be establishment Republicans and many hung on to the grudge of Mark running against Walker, but that total still amazes me. Perhaps Fitz got an establishment bump, but then how do you explain Hovde neck and neck with Thonpson?

  25. Fitz did get an establishment bump. I know a number of people who couldn’t settle on any of the three and went to Fitz. In particular, I think, Hovde suffered the most. His campaign fizzled the moment he went to the paper whining the other boys were being mean to him.

    Also, that Hovde’s numbers were so close to Thompson’s surprises me because you, and Brookfield’s mayor, and a number of valid, solid members of this community publicly supported Thompson. Indeed, he seemed to have the majority of the “good” Republican vote.

    These numbers also suggest that Neumann did a great job of managing the Republican convention this year, but really didn’t have the Waukesha County support that evening indicated.

    It was such an unpleasant primary. That combined with the fact that voters were exhausted and you get a candidate who won only a third of the vote. We’ll all get behind him. We have to. But it’s definitely not one of the party’s finest moments.

    Finally, I’d say this division represents an accurate picture of the struggle of the Republican Party in Waukesha County. We are fractured. It’s time for genuine leadership out of the Party. What’s-his-name has been around since the beginning of time, but it’s time for a replacement, and I don’t mean handing the reins to his son. What about Ponto? Or Allgaier? Heck, I bet Schellinger would do it. 😉 (Yes, that was snarky. It’s me after all.)

  26. Gee, those 200 plus words just flew out of my fingers. Would someone tell me why I’m having such trouble with this other thing I’m supposed to be doing?

  27. The Lorax says:

    I think it’s a fracture that spans far beyond just Waukesha County Republicans…

  28. Randy in Richmond says:

    You were right, multiple times right, about Thompson.