The Wisconsin dosado

Well that one’s over. Can we make them a little easier in the future? No my favorite candidate didn’t win, but yes, I’ll live.

Go Tommy! A barely right of center Senator is much, much better than the most liberal option on the roster.

Now let’s warm up the crystal ball and see what else is in Wisconsin’s future. Well, if Paul Ryan manages to become Vice President of the United States, expect Reince Priebus to run for Ryan’s 1st district congressional spot when the special election is held. Since Priebus’ hometown of Kenosha is already in that district, it’s easy.

If Ryan is VP that means the President takes over the RNC, and traditionally the current chair steps down. Priebus really loves his Washington, D.C. lifestyle and will be ever so happy to go back as a congressman.

Yes, of course Ryan will win that district in November.

So, one more special election around here after the first of the year and then can we be done for a while? I’ve already turned off my television for the season. It would be nice to go without all the direct mail and radio advertisements, too. Maybe they could line it up with the Spring non-partisan election to save the district’s municipalities from having to pay for another round of poll workers.

Oh, wait. That reminds me of one other thing I wanted to say, but it’s going to need a separate post. 🙂

Happy Wednesday out there. Enjoy what’s left of summer. Some kids are already starting back to school in the south. Yet another reason to love Wisconsin.