Help a girl out here.

I just finished the section with the recall results. Walker 53%, Barrett 46%, the independent drew 1%.

The 2010 election was 52.3% to 46.5%. The Prosser/Kloppenberg contest was 50.24% to 49.76%.

Why is it again that we should expect different results for Romney v. Obama in Wisconsin?


  1. Because none of those contests motivated turnout in Wisconsin’s African-American community the way the Presidential election will.

  2. The black community really doesn’t like Barrett all that much.

  3. Ok. I’ll buy that.

    Here’s the latest from CNN btw – moving WI to toss up:

  4. Wait. Isn’t it racist to say that black people don’t like a white guy?

  5. The Lorax says:

    And because Obama won the state by a wide margin against a stronger opponent.

    EDIT: Cindy, do you know what Racism actually means? No that isn’t racism. Identifying demographic loyalties or dis-loyalties to a politician isn’t racism.

  6. BrkfldDad says:

    McCain/Palin was a stronger opponent? Thanks for the good laugh on that one.

  7. Though it will be nothing like 2008, Obama will also get significantly more student votes than Barrett or Kloppy did.