Film Tonight at, ah , 7pm

Some news came to light today that may help clear up why many Democrats are having issues with their understanding of current events and getting facts straight. Today on CNN, Stephanie Cutter, President Obama’s Deputy Campaign Manager, (remember her, she labeled Romney a felon) qualified another source of news “of equal importance with the National News Media” in this short video.

There you have it, the Obama Deputy Campaign Manager stated that Entertainment Tonight and People Magazine are “equally as important” as the national news media. Which seats do ET and People have in the White House press briefings?


  1. This one’s bugged me for a couple of days.

    I think Obama is the first President to truly assume celebrity status instead of leadership status. These two interviews are proof of how he views his responsibility to the American people.

    We are to adore him . Period.

    Whole thing makes me want to gag.