Aching Akin

Was going to post about Akin, but no need…. as usual, Dennis Prager nails it.


  1. Interesting opinion.

    I’ll write on it in a few days when it all dies down. Of course, I have an opinion. 😉

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    Based on his actions and statements of today it appears Akin is digging in. Apparently he will not resign by today’s 5 pm deadline. My opinion is he is a selfish idiot. He is not looking at the big picture.

    I now believe he will be replaced if there is a procedure for that to be initiated by an outside entity.

  3. Hey RiR, does that make me, you know, right? 😉

  4. Todd “Christine O’Donnell” Akin is in it to win it. Now here’s a dilemma for the hard core. If, on the morning of November 7th we wake up and control of the Senate hinges on the outcome of the MO race, and there is a disputed result, who do you support?

  5. Randy in Richmond says:

    Sure does Cindy. But we’ll both be right when he (or somebody) goes to court to get him out of the race.

    Robert Torricelli dropped out about 30 days prior to the Senate election in New Jersey–and his replacement won. It’s been done before.,2933,64448,00.html

  6. again, if our country only exists to please the special interest groups on all sides of the political spectrum then we really are in trouble. Foreign issues such as diplomacy, trade, war and peace are critical to our very existence. Immigration is avoided by all politicians. Crime is more about hating ethnic groups rather than finding a solution. where do these candidates for President and Vice President stand ? any one or all of the above could have a permanent effect on our future as a country. how about you bloggers. what say you.

  7. BTW. I have written this scenario many many times and still no takers.

  8. Akin has “legitimately raped” the good name of the conservative and pro-life movements. He needs to “shut that whole thing down” ASAP.

  9. @Randy, it would be difficult for a court to justify removing a duly nominated candidate from the ballot. Also, what if the judge is a Democrat?

  10. Randy in Richmond says:

    I am basing my statement on this, which is taken from a WashPo article:

    But there is another opportunity as well. Sept. 25 is the deadline for withdrawal by court order. (That procedure includes the requirement that any costs for reprinting ballots be covered by the withdrawing candidate.) In either case, a replacement would be chosen by the state GOP central committee.

    The article is:

    I am a little skeptical as this article is classified “Opinion” but it seems to be proper. It also reads to me that Akin would have to initiate the move but of course he is under tremendous political and financial pressure–as he should be. So the magic date is September 25th, which is politically light years away.

    Aren’t Judges supposed to be apolitical? 🙂

  11. Jim Jones says:

    His sin wasn’t playing with the dog whistle. His sin was talking about the dog whistle. But his thinking is square in the mainstream for Republican candidates.

    There is more than a little hypocrisy surfacing here.

  12. Randy in Richmond says:

    Since his thinking is mainstream please provide a name of a mainstream Republican that has said what he said.

  13. Yes, of course Jim. Paul Ryan, Ron Johnson, Scott Walker, et. al. told Todd Akin to shut down his campaign because he uttered s statement that is “in the mainstream for Republicans”. That is a perfectly logical thought you have there. #waitnoitsnot

  14. J. Strupp says:

    I could be wrong but I think Jim is referring to the fact that Akin corrected himself by saying that he meant, “forcible rape” and not “legitimate rape”. The word, “forcible” was once added to HR3, “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” which was widely supported by Republicans and believed by many to be legislation specifically designed to redefine rape so that certain victims would be excluded.

  15. Randy in Richmond says:

    What you say refers to one small part of what Akin says. If you listen to his entire statement there is no evidence at all it is mainstream Republican. (sound familiar)

    Yes, the term ‘forcible rape’ was “once” added to the bill but was then deleted. It is not part of the passed bill. If Republicans had wanted to leave in that language, they could have as they control the House. And 17 Democrats did vote for the final bill.

  16. The Lorax says:

    Why are you defending Akin, Randy? Partisan to the core – I’m scared of people like you.

  17. Randy in Richmond says:

    Oh, I admit to being partisan.

    Please specifically provide where I defend Akin.

    And since you hardly ever answer my questions I’ll do it for you. It doesn’t exist. I am referencing Strupp’s legitimate explanation to what Jim may have meant–I am defending every Republican except Akin as not agreeing with his original statement. Your attempt to turn my words is laughable.

  18. Randy in Richmond says:

    Not much talk of it but a write-in is a longshot possibility.

  19. Jim Jones says:

    First off, I didn’t say he was mainstream for Republicans. His thinking is out of the mainstream for every demographic group. He’s out on the edge.

    That’s where the dog whistle comes in. Dog whistles are used to indicate support for highly unpopular positions to reassure voters in a core constituency without alarming voters outside of the core constituency. For example we know there isn’t any space between Akin and Ryan on the issue because they’re both in the House and we can examine their voting records.

    What got Akin in trouble was talking about the dog whistle. Republican office holders and candidates that hold the same position and are well versed in dog whistles are angry with him for talking about the dog whistle.

    RiR, since his thinking is outside the mainstream for Republican candidates please tell us which mainstream Republican candidate or office holder is sticking up for abortion rights for victims of rape or incest. That would be the position within the Republican mainstream so there should be lots.

  20. Kind of like the chances of me flying to the moon flapping my arms, but yeah. Whatever.

  21. Randy in Richmond says:

    I knew you couldn’t answer my question Jim. Just saying something doesn’t make it true.

  22. Randy in Richmond says:

    Whatever nails it, Cindy.

  23. Sadly, yes.

  24. Randy in Richmond says:

    Let me ask another question Jim, or anybody. Is it mainstream Democratic policy that if an aborted baby is born alive that no other Doctors or medical aides should be called to attend to the new baby?

  25. J. Strupp says:

    I’m pro-life and was just making an assumption based on Jim’s “mainstream” comment.

    There’s zero chance I enter into this discussion. It never ends well.

  26. Whoa. I’ve said almost that exact same thing several times the last few days.

  27. Jim Jones says:

    Sorry. Other people are making the point I was trying to make, that Akin is not that unusual, in much more coherent fashion. Backing away is the correct choice.

  28. for the umpteenth time what are the candidates for the highest offices in the land speaking about Crime and Punishment and the threat of war ? how many of you pol followers say we should reinstate the military draft to protect our own soil.? serving you country in the military is more patriotic than writing blogs from the comfort of your computer chair. should we hire the underworld to protect us ? it does not matter who is president because the war on crime and the war to end wars is in prime time. crime, drugs, murder, who has spoken up or done anything ? Nixon was the last. forget these petty issues. they will not matter in a society governed by crime syndicates the military complex. at least the military complex has a plan. name one US politician who has a military plan to defend our country.

  29. Dick,

    Maybe we should get somebody to teach you how to write. It’s appalling some with such poor grammar and syntax – much less the ability to convey a coherent thought – made it through law school and served on the bench.

  30. Randy in Richmond says:

    “It’s appalling some”…???

    It’s more important what someone says than how they say it, Bob.

  31. Randy in Richmond says:

    It’s been 5 days and no one has responded to my question on an issue that could define the Democratic mainstream or it’s far left, radical edge. Lots of discussion when it’s concerning a far right candidate who said something idiotic in response to a question, but nothing concerning an elected State Senator who’s views were so radical and far left that he voted on 3 separate occasions against a bill already passed in the US Senate by unanimous consent and the US House by voice vote.

    At that time, August 2002, the Senate included as members the following: Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Mikulski, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, Debbie Stabenow, Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell, Mary Landrieu, and Joe Biden.

    If my Presidential candidate was that far removed from mainstream America I would back out and not enter the discussion either.

  32. Randy in Richmond says:

    Akin’s done.

    Latest polls show McCaskill approaching double digit leads in 3 seperate polls since his asinine remarks and RCP has the race leaning left.

    Interestinly McCaskill, with what would have to be one of the biggest bump producers in political history, still can’t garner 50% of those polled. Two losers running for the same spot.

  33. Randy in Richmond says:

    What do I know. A new PPP poll has it:

    McCaskill 45 Akin 44

    It could be the left leaning PPP are showing Akin stronger to dissuade Republicans from entering another candidate or Akin from dropping out.

  34. Or it could be that Akin is going to be handed his ass.

  35. Hey Randy, if they botch the execution, should the convict be resuscitated, or should there be a shovel nearby to bash him in the head?

  36. Randy in Richmond says:

    So you wish to compare an innocent baby’s life to a convict. How convoluted you must be.

    But I expect no more from someone who chooses to have no God in his life.

  37. J. Strupp says:

    …or people are coming out of the woodwork to vote for Akin. Says a lot…..

  38. Randy in Richmond says:

    As much as this Senate seat could mean, I would not vote for Akin. I guess I’d write in somebody so I could say I voted.

    I think it says a lot that McCaskill can’t get 50% of the polling vote now. My goodness, she’s a sitting Senator.