No Spin Weekend Fare

While I now live in the ‘fan’ section of Richmond, for years I resided in the small town of Ashland, just north of here. I’ve kidded here before about Ashland’s Annual Strawberry Faire which I again attended this past May. I witnessed something pretty amazing by an adopted Romanian teenager, George Dennehy, now living in Ashland. He’s a musician with a special talent that was recently displayed at Musikfest, a 10 day music festival in Bethleham, Pa. that draws over 1 million people. As I was able to spend a little time with this teenager I thought you might appreciate a clip of his on-stage performance of “IRIS” with the Goo Goo Dolls, who invited him to perform and play his guitar with them after seeing his Strawberry Faire video on YouTube. You see, George was born without arms.