Follow the Leader

Ah, leadership. This surprises me not. After Mitt Romney changed his schedule from coming here to Richmond and is now visiting storm ravaged Louisiana, guess who’s also going to visit. That’s right, our following President. He cannot deal with being one-upped and apparently no one in his inept administration hinted, “this might not look so good”, or he ignored the hint. Oh, they’ll spin this decision but many Americans will see through this like a picture window.

Hopefully he will fulfill the promise he made in this campaign speech and do some good.


  1. It’s day 1, and it’s clear that the DNC did their homework. Their speakers are far more effective than the GOP’s. They didn’t tell their keynote speaker to hold back, and he hit it out of the park. Bin Laden’s dead. GM is alive.

  2. Let’s be honest for a minute. Being president is not a very difficult job, as long as you have decent advisors. Ronald Reagan proved that. He was a very good president, even though he had Alzheimer’s and couldn’t answer an off-the-cuff question. We need to stop idolizing our leaders. They are our servants, not our masters. Remember Thomas Jefferson, who admonished his audiences NOT to stand when he was introduced.

    Chances are, any of us couldn’t do any worse a job than Carter or Bush II.