Headed towards a full face plant at this point.

I’m trudging along. I sent the thing out to a few people last night for the purpose of reviewing content. It always comes back to me with signs that I’m certainly not close to done yet.

I want to be done! I’m really starting to get tired of this. But, I see the finish line, and I need to get there.

It appears some of you can’t help yourselves and are watching the DNC convention this week. Hahahahaha! Trust me, that’s one decision I found easy to make. Television in the off position. No problem.

Yesterday a flurry of back to school photos showed up on Facebook. I think this is year three without those back-to-school jitters in my world. I’m fine with that, although I confess the youngest is home for a year getting her bearings and finding her path.

I can’t imagine trying to figure out where to place your resources for a career when jobs are so very hard to come by these days. Sure there are many things available in the new healthcare regime, but what if that’s not your thing?
It’s almost like making up your own job is the only other option. We’ll see.

While I’ve had a couple of years alone with the spouse on the road and everyone out of the house, I must say this new normal of having someone around all the time again is a bit of an adjustment.

Happy Wednesday, that feels like a Tuesday, but still puts us a day closer to the weekend. I might be going to my first ever Packers game on Sunday. I’ll let you know if that happens. In the meantime, it’s head down through the words.