Zach lists a few of President Obama’s broken promises

You should take a look.


  1. Ah, but the news is it came from Zach. Anything on that list is just a bonus. 🙂

  2. Randy in Richmond says:

    While waiting for Scarlett in Charlotte, I have been informed by John Kerry that President Obama did keep his promises. Sorry Zach.

    Will Juan Williams call John Kerry a “corporate husband” later on Fox?

  3. Well, Barry hit it out of the park tonight. He will be re-elected very easily. And you know what? I don’t care. As long as ‘Christians’ like you control the GOP, I’d rather see Barry or Bill, or even FDR get elected even if he’s “worse” than Romney. As long as the GOP is dominated by a bunch of hateful religious crazies who want to control our sex lives, I don’t care who gets elected as long as it isn’t them.

    That’s what the religious right has done for decades. Well, two can play at this game. You can’t take the votes of socially liberal fiscal conservatives for granted anymore. I’d rather see an honest flaming liberal like Obama get in than a dishonest wannabe who caters to your kind.

  4. You do a very interesting Jekyll and Hyde thing KPOM. Maybe you could pull it together? I have enjoyed some of your past comments, but now it’s almost easier to ignore you.

  5. Randy in Richmond says:

    Your truer colors have come to the surface that some of us have seen for quite a while. We don’t care that you don’t care. This ‘is’ his “together”, Cindy.

  6. “hateful religious crazies”?, and you expect me to think you’re rational, KPoM? I hope you have had time to rethink your outburst. You are reminding me of the Honest Toddler, but at least he’s 1) justifiably immature and 2) funny.

    You lost me on this rant/post..

  7. “Well, Barry hit it out of the park tonight. He will be re-elected very easily.”

    On that, I think you might be correct. Romney’s pulling ads in Michigan and Penn. I don’t see how the President loses now.

    Maybe Ryan (FC poll guru) can elaborate as to why Romney would do something like this? Wouldn’t it be smarter to keep fighting the fight in Mich. and Penn. even if it’s only to give the appearance of a close race?

  8. Randy in Richmond says:

    I agree I would like to see what local expert Ryan has to say. But pulling out of states, Pennsylvania, which RCP has always had leaning Obama and Michigan, where Romney has never been ahead cause me no concern. Obama won each of these states by double digit margins in 2008. No doubt to grab one of these states would be great for Romney, but spending his funds elsewhere is probably a sound decision.

    Most pundits on either side tend to agree at this time neither candidate will win easily.

  9. There’s a big difference between ‘pulling’ ads and not running ads. The Romney campaign long ago (as early as April) decided to forgo both states (even those GOP insiders had hoped for wins there) to concentrate on other battle states where Obama won in 2008. The campaign’s decision to not run the new ads there indicates they are holding to that strategy.

  10. I want to be as smart as Bdad one day. 😉

  11. instead of the politicians degrading our beloved country/USA/ why not brag about the merits. compare to more than 50 years ago. high school parking lots filled with nice cars; entertainment venues and restaurants filled up to capacity; enough money to pay athletes millions; retirement places filled with snow-birds; life expectancy and healthcare at an all time high; college students living in comfort; pizza and beer affordable for all; civic leaders working for their constituents; I pods and cell phones for everyone; every household with 2 or more television sets; happy hour and sports bars thriving; since 9/11 no internal invasion to our country; diverse communities working together, and much more. always be aware of negative idealism.some people are never happy. I am.

  12. Yeah sure. I’ve got a bridge for sale if you’re interested.

  13. Obama got a bigger bounce from the DNC convention than Romney got from the DNC-lite convention a week earlier. Let’s face it. This race is over.

  14. The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

  15. Yikes, OMG, he got a bounce that increased his lead over Romney by 1 point. Run away, run away…

    They call a bounce a bounce for a reason. Assuming he loses 1 point off his bounce (pretty conservative, I am sorry, reasonable 🙂 estimate), we are right back at a statistical dead heat.

  16. It’s more like 5 points. Also, Romney’s pollster is out there with the “reassuring” memo that speak to panic internally.,0,4797880.story

    Let’s face it. Romney has never been ahead this summer, and he trails in all of the swing states. He needs to win every one of them to win. He may lose every one. I’m starting to think that this election will be as big of a rout as 2008. People don’t trust either party right now, but they are going to stick with the devils they know (Obama, GOP in the House, Democrats in the Senate) over the devils they don’t know.

  17. Well, if you look at the latest ABC/WaPo poll, among likely voters it’s 49-48 Obama in the lead, that’s +2 Romney, +1 Obama post-conventions. Hardly the ‘bounce’ you portray. Among registered voters, the gap is higher, but likely voters is the more trusted metric.

  18. Randy in Richmond says:

    The sky’s back ! The sky’s back ! 🙂

  19. Granted it’s Breitbart, but this is a pretty interesting piece –

  20. I have to say I’m seeing a new level of hysteria today. Obama’s internals must be damning.