Rahm Emanuel prepares for a Chicago teacher’s strike

The mayor of Chicago is pushing reforms that look very much like those Governor Walker put forward regarding teacher responsibilities. I find the whole issue and especially the timing (in front of a presidential race) simply breathtaking.

This morning it’s fun to watch. We’ll see what happens next week. Maybe half of Madison school district will shut down again so those educators can hit the picket lines in Chicago? You laugh. But it could happen.


  1. I wonder if we’ll see the big crowds being bused in from out of state to storm City Hall and protest its extremist right wing occupant?

  2. Hey, I think we should go. 🙂

  3. You’d look rather out of place there Ms. Cindy.

    How about we postpone school and send a couple bus loads of loyal Elmbrook teachers down?

    Bet they’ll find Chicago cops lots different than Madison cops! Perhaps they will camp out down there for a semester or two and shave a few bucks off our school taxes.

  4. Looks like those teachers are on the picket line. They are wearing red. I just saw where MKE teachers received an email asking them to wear red in support.

    I argue it’s nice to know so many are trending Republican. 😉

    I would love to be in the middle of those pickets right now. I bet I’d get some interesting stories.

  5. Randy in Richmond says:

    Much of this strike is being orchestrated to garner national attention so the ‘one’ can swoop in and settle it. Let’s see, Emanuel, unions, Chicago, education… duh.

  6. The One will swoop in and fix it? Really? It looks like a Morton’s Fork to me.

    If he fixes it, he loses the loyalty of union voters who just won’t show up. Right. Because he’s totally going to pull a Ronald Reagan/air traffic controllers moment.

    If he doesn’t fix it, he further calls attention to the Walker win. He can’t force taxpayers to cough up more for the system. He could, I suppose, throw federal money at it, but that won’t go well at all given the current economic situation.

    Ugly stuff.