God gets booed

I think this came up briefly last week, but I just watched the video for the first time.

Can you imagine being one who cast a “no” vote only to be railroaded by your own party into a position you never supported?

To be honest, I don’t know that this was a God thing as much as this was Jerusalem thing. Either way, the moment is certainly one for the history books.

Imagine how much of this took place in the past when we didn’t have instant video response? I think the world should make the assumption I’ve always trained my children to accept: You will get caught. Whatever it is that you think you are trying to get away with, you will get caught.

Party on Dems. Hope that unity thing continues to work for you.


  1. Randy in Richmond says:

    Clint Eastwood’s speech was an old guy expressing his views. This post illustrates a travesty of inept leadership from behind, not forward. It was initiated by Fox News reporting it – not the Democratic Party. Ask Dick Durbin.

    Same ol’ – same ol’ .


  2. “an old guy”. how do you stand on Moses saying the elders are the leaders? that vulgar skit was gross and immoral. “he can’t do it to himself”, means what we should never think. Television has changed conventions. being a delegate was an honor, the platform committee usually catered to the extreme left or the extreme right to avoid a confrontation, presidents and vice presidents were contested on the floor and smoke filled rooms made big decisions without interference from the press. we never were told the reasoning for the platform committee to consider deleting these words. the President as the head of his political party has the right and duty to remedy the situation that he did not participate in. remember President Nixon said “i am not a crook”. Lincoln was for slavery in those states that had it before he was against it. our political parties consist of all kinds of people with all kinds of ideas, but majority rules. this election is much too important to bother about trivia. whoever wins will have his hands full of big problems. but so did Washington, Lincoln, Wilson, FDR/Truman and WBush. Eisenhower had great insight, except for Korea. Reagan was a great spiritual leader in time of crisis. ALL President need our support and so will Romney when elected.

  3. Clint Eastwood is an American icon, whatever his political leanings; no one really cares about his politics.

    What you Neo-con folks should care about is the hypocrisy of calling yourselves devout Christians, while cherry-picking planks, positions, for your party, exclusively from the Old Testament. Drop the “Christian” label; come up with some Old Testament moniker for your religion. It’s not Christianity. Christians follow Jesus Christ, who would be appauled by Republicans notions of religion. You can not be a devout Christian and espouse conservative Republican economic philosophy. Pick one or the other; you can’t do both.

    We should elect officials who do the opposite of Paul Ryan. His policies would increase the Lower Class, shrink the Middle Class, and concentrate wealth in the Upper 0.5%. Perhaps, read Paul Krugman, Yale BS (Economics), MIT PhD (Economics), Nobel Laureate (Economics), um, I think he might know a little more than the “brains” of the Tea Party, Paul Ryan; Dr. Krugman states Ryan’s numbers for his budget, don’t add up; they would increase the Federal Deficit! Also, please consider the ideas of Hedrick Smith: ww.nytimes.com/2012/09/03/opinion/henry-ford-when-capitalists-cared.html?_r=0 .

    We Know Supply-side, Trickle down Economics are a failure. They’ve just made us more like South America: concentrated wealth in the upper 0.5%, shrunk the Middle Class, and expanded the Lower Class. Just review our Economy from Reagan forward; the real economic expansion was under Pres. Clinton. So, why revisit Reagan’s failed economic policies?

  4. Randy in Richmond says:

    The newest talking point rises again. You cannot be a Christian and capitalist at the same time. Inserting ‘devout’ and ‘conservative’ as qualifyers is a ploy to lower the playing field. I’ve heard forms of this argument since the days of hippies who claimed ‘Christ had a beard’ in order to further their cause. Sure we can be both–Billy Graham has done it for years.

    Quoting Krugman is a stretch as his policies are presently being played out for all to see in Europe. And Clinton is a capitalist-not a Keynesian like Krugman. Once he got a Republican Congress he did pretty well with the economy. Now here in Virginia where the predominant “brains” we have are teaparty types, we just had a small budget surplus for the 3rd year in a row. We should listen to you highly educated, elitest types who constatly tell us how stupid we are but we’ll just take a pass.

  5. I don’t think you understand what the word Keynesian means, Randy. Keynes would find the economic policies of the EU disgraceful and Clinton would most certainly have adopted the ideas of Keynes, had he been President from 2008-present.

  6. Randy in Richmond says:

    I’m not going to get into a discussion of austerity vs Keynesians economics. As I’ve said before discussing the future about economics is right there with predicting the weather. For every expert that goes one way another can be produced that goes the other. Has anyone ever noticed that articles about the economy are generally delegated to the opinion page?

    Here are a couple of recent articles touting both sides. Oh yea, I found others that say something else–the ‘art’, not science, of economics espoused:




    And here are 2 articles showing the other side:



  7. Randy in Richmond says:

    I take exception to your Clinton prognostication.
    If Clinton would adopt Keynesian ideas in 2008 as you say, why didn’t he do it in 1993 when he had both houses of the Congress and the country in a recession.

  8. “I’m not going to get into a discussion of austerity vs Keynesians economics.” Judging by the last couple of comments on this subject, I’d say that’s probably a good idea.

  9. “If Clinton would adopt Keynesian ideas in 2008 as you say, why didn’t he do it in 1993?”

    We weren’t in a liquidity trap in 1993. Again, I think you might want read what Keynes had to say about fiscal stimulus when we\’ve reached the zero bound.

  10. Isn’t that an odd talking point? It does show up here over and over from folks who aren’t regular readers. I suspect we’ll get more of it as we get closer to a vote.

    What fascinates me about the launch to an argument is that any Christian who also believes in capitalism would possibly be influenced by the statement of one of these yahoos. Christians, by training, do not know that they are right, that, we are taught, will come later. We have faith that we are right.

    So when some wingnut shows up to argue they are arguing against faith, not reason, and you simply can not argue against faith.

    That was a long, but nicer way if saying: What the heck? Take a hike, you fool.

  11. J. Strupp –

    “Clinton would most certainly have adopted the idea of Keynes…”

    Omniscience does not become you. That just sounds goofy.

  12. Randy in Richmond says:

    No, I’ll pass on reading Keynes but I’ll cede to you as the expert on his economic ideas.

  13. So Cindy… you realize that the Republicans did the exact same thing during their convention, and railroaded through several controversial changes to the party rules on a voice vote that was at least close enough to warrant a roll call? http://www.freedomworks.org/blog/dean-clancy/romneys-rnc-power-grab-what-happened

  14. Oooh. Nice catch my Libertarian friend. I do remember a number of Ron Paul supporters being upset by this maneuver. Like I said, imagine how it feels to be in that audience as a delegate.

    Partisan politics stink. There are a handful of people on either side who make all the choices. The rest of us are just along for the ride.

    (PS No one booed.)

  15. Randy in Richmond says:

    Not exactly the same thing. Oh, some railroading might have taken place but God and Jerusalem didn’t get booed. Get used to seeing that piece of video, it will be seen plenty in the next weeks to come.

  16. I think there is some doubt here regarding whether they boo’d God, or where boo’ing the fact that their voice vote was being overridden, which is something certainly worthy of being boo’d.

    Hell, putting God in the GOP platform is only something that’s been done in the last 20 years or so. For the majority of the history of the GOP, God was never mentioned.

    We’re electing a President in November, not a Pope.

    PS Cindy… nobody boo’d at the GOP convention, but they did stage a delegate walk out.

  17. Walkouts are a much classier way of handling things, don’t you think?

  18. Randy in Richmond says:

    I could care less whether the Republicans have or don’t have God in their platform. But it is kinda neat that the Democrats had a reference to God, took it out, and then because they are inept at leadership, put God back in. That’s a hoot.

  19. “Clinton would most certainly have adopted the idea of Keynes…”

    Hey, call it goofy. The man supported ARRA but thought it was too small given the severity of the recession and negative real IR. He’s been pretty clear about his position on fiscal policy since 2008.


  20. Oh Randy,

    Take Virginia’s budget surplus, subtract the forward sales tax revenues received by the state as accounting gimmick and then subtract the deferred pension contributions VA. hasn’t been counting as liabilities for 3 years. Lmk what you come up with. 🙂

  21. Randy in Richmond says:

    That’s old news here. Still had a surplus. Like most pension plans Virginia’s is underfunded but is a long term issue. This year state employees were required to pay into the system along with other adjustments. And Virginia’s Bond Rating is AAA, tied for 1st in the country, so nobody’s concerned (Wisconsin is AA- or AA). Governor Kaine(D) also reduced payments to the VRS.

    I assume you are talking about the several sales “tax free ” days on school related items each fall which to my knowledge have no real effect on our budget. It’s a gimmick many take advantage of.


  22. J. Strupp – when he’s been totally irrelevant. 😉